Employment Law Advice

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all need HR and Employment Law advice.

Without Employment Law advice, employers could find themselves on the wrong side of the law. 

In the worst case scenario, they may need to defend an Employment Tribunal claim. 

Employment Tribunal claims have risen 165% according to the latest stats from the Government. 

This means paying out hefty sums of compensation and dealing with the reputational damage

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Rise in Employment Tribunal Claims according to the latest Government Stats

The value of good HR and Employment Law advice

The best Employment Law advice an employer can receive is:

The Value of Brilliant Employment Law advice

In order for the Employment Law advice to have real value and impact, you want support and guidance that is tailored to your organisation, instead of generic advice that is given to every client.

You want an Employment Law Adviser who takes the time to learn about your organisation, how you work, the sector you operate in and the specific challenges you face. This way, you can be assured that all your Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbook and other documentation work in harmony with your organisation’s best interests.

Employment Law advice must take into account wider organisational needs to ensure that you are making informed decisions and achieving your goals in the best way possible.

The law can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Professional and experienced Employment Law specialists should be skilled at making even the most convoluted of topics easy and straightforward to understand for employers.

There is no reason why employers cannot receive high quality and bespoke Employment Law advice without having to pay huge solicitors’ fees.

By opting for a fixed fee HR and Employment Law service, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that all your needs are covered. Moreover, the price will not go up with each and every call or email you make.

Rather than having to explain yourself over and over again, it is useful to have one point of contact who understands your organisation and what you are looking to accomplish. Having a named Employment Law Adviser means you can build a relationship of trust and see them as an extension of your team. 


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HR Management Software

If you’re looking for employment law specialist support, our HR Management Software makes managing employee information simple. Provided as part of our online portal, the software allows you to store employee data, lets you manage holidays and absences, can be used to record training and qualifications, and acts as a reporting tool for managers. Find out more here.

Ellis Whittam’s Employment Law Advice is the best option for you

With our fixed fee service, you will receive:

  • Quality advice with one point of contact – You will be matched with one of our named, legally qualified Employment Law Advisers to help with all your Employment Law and related HR challenges.
  • Bespoke drafting of letters and contracts – All your important documentation will be tailored to your organisation and aligned to your best interests.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance - In the event of an insured employment dispute, we will defend the claim and the insurance will pay Employment Tribunal compensation awarded against you or settlement monies.

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