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Being Employment Law Compliant

If you often find that you’re not sure of the best course of action when faced with difficult employee dilemmas, or you’re conscious that your policies and procedures might not comply with best practice, Ellis Whittam can reduce your risk of claims through dedicated, expert support.

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Bogged down in low-level absence or facing a particularly tricky situation? Our experts can help you deal with bogus absences, long-standing conditions that may be disability-related, and everything in between.
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Whether you feel completely out of your depth or just want the reassurance of a second opinion, we’ll find out what you want to do, help you explore options and risks, and work with you to manage misconduct quickly, effectively and in line with the law.
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Employment Tribunals

Worried about the rising threat of employee claims? We help organisations proactively reduce their exposure through pragmatic advice, with the reassurance of expert Litigation support should a claim arise.
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From setting up a grievance procedure to holding a hearing and managing appeals, we’re here to walk you through the process so that you can resolve issues quickly, compliantly and with minimal disruption to your organisation.
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Performance Management

Managing performance can be a large undertaking for time-poor managers. If you don’t have the time or expertise, our Employment Law and HR specialists can help with everything from process advice to policies and frameworks.
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Managing COVID-19

Furlough, self-isolating staff, refusals to work and even redundancy – coronavirus (COVID-19) has created numerous employment obstacles. Our free-to-use Coronavirus Advice Hub contains hundreds of resources to help you tackle these issues head on.
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Whether you’re looking at single redundancies or collective consultation, navigate the process as painlessly as possible and limit the potential for claims with our end-to-end redundancy support.
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Upskilling Managers

Keen to upskill in essential HR topics and legal compliance? Looking for ongoing support in the form of a responsive helpline? We offer a range of solutions designed to help managers carry out their role confidently and effectively.
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Being Health and Safety Compliant

Health and safety legislation is vast, and if you’re not an expert, it can be all too easy to unintentionally miss the mark. Ellis Whittam can help you assess and elevate your current arrangements and give you confidence in your compliance.

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Being COVID-19 Secure

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new biological hazard, and like all workplace hazards, it needs to be managed. Our free Coronavirus Advice Hub contains risk assessments and other useful resources to help you operate safely and compliantly.

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Chemical and Biological Hazards

From wood dust to cleaning chemicals, Legionella to coronavirus, professional support can help you to comply with a long list of regulations and ensure you’re taking all necessary steps to keep people safe.
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Ergonomic Hazards

Manual handling, lifting and carrying, display screen equipment. These ergonomic hazards can be costly if left unmanaged. Don’t have access to a competent health and safety person in house? Our outsourced support can help.

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Exposure Hazards

Repeated exposure to loud noises, vibration, radiation or temperature extremes can lead to chronic illness. With specific regulations governing these activities, expert Health & Safety support can help to ensure safety and compliance.
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Fire Hazards

Fires happen in all industries and the effects can be devastating. If you’re not equipped to manage this risk yourself, Ellis Whittam can help through advice, risk assessment and trianing.
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Safety Hazards

From machinery dangers to working at height, take a proactive approach to workplace safety hazards and ensure risks are appropriately managed with our fixed-fee Health & Safety support.
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Work Organisation Hazards

Stress, depression and anxiety is now the number one cause of occupational ill health. Ellis Whittam can help you to assess risk and put measures in place to meet your legal responsibilities.
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