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No business is immune to people problems. Regardless of your size or sector, if you employ staff, you will inevitably face employee-related issues at some point or another, and without the right HR help, dealing with these matters can eat up valuable time that could be better spent achieving key objectives.

So, where do you turn?

Small and medium-sized businesses may not have the luxury of in-house HR support, and larger organisations may find that their internal team is bogged down with low-level people issues when they could be focusing on strategic, proactive HR work that will drive the organisation forward.

Whatever is adding to your people pressures, leaning on a reputable HR company with specialist expertise in your sector can make all the difference, whether that’s by fully outsourcing your HR function or benefiting from an extra layer of support.

Ellis Whittam: A trusted extension of your team

Ellis Whittam’s bespoke fixed-fee HR support helps thousands of organisations across the UK manage their HR responsibilities and create engaged, productive teams.

Whether you require day-to-day assistance or support through challenging times, our unlimited service gives you access to a team of highly-qualified HR specialists for pragmatic advice and guidance at any time.

We can help if:

  • You don’t employ an in-house HR team;
  • Your in-house team are stretched;
  • You’re looking for an extra layer of professional support; or
  • You’re dealing with a particularly complex issue.

Typically, when working with small employers, we support managers, directors and owners. For large employers, we offer valuable assistance to their specialist in-house HR team. This could be in the form of a HR helpline for your managers or a more complete extension to your team.

Whatever your size, sector or situation, our personalised HR advice is tailored to your specific requirements and commercial objectives.

Your go-to source of responsive HR advice

With Ellis Whittam, you will have access to a small dedicated team of highly-qualified HR Consultants who will get to know your organisation so that they can support you in much the same way an in-house member of staff would.

Working to strict KPIs to guarantee great service, your trusted HR Consultant team will provide clear, pragmatic and timely advice on a whole range of employee relations matters, including:

  • Sickness absence;
  • Attendance;
  • Disciplinary;
  • Pay;
  • Flexible working;
  • Grievance;
  • Performance;
  • Misconduct;
  • Redundancy;
  • Maternity and paternity; and
  • Dismissal.

Dealing with these issues can be lengthy, costly and disruptive. With Ellis Whittam, you can call upon your dedicated HR expert at any time, who will offer valuable guidance and reassurance when difficult situations arise – and work with you to achieve the best possible resolution for you.

Alongside 24/7 HR advice, our qualified Employment Law Team will expertly draft your employment-related letters and documents on your behalf, including drafting bespoke Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks to promote best practice across your organisation and keep you compliant.

"We have found the Employment Law and HR service from Ellis Whittam to be invaluable."

Managing Director, GMG Contractors

The value of expert HR support

When dealing with employee matters, it’s important to ensure you’re following best practice and acting in line with legal requirements. However, with employment law being a highly complex area to get your head around, and new case law and legislation emerging all the time, it’s all too easy to miss the mark or to unknowingly take action that leaves your organisation exposed to a claim.

In fact, with Employment Tribunal claim numbers increasing year-on-year following the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish fees, employers are increasingly vulnerable to employees taking legal action. It’s therefore more crucial than ever to ensure your policies and procedures and watertight and that you have access to competent HR advice.

In addition to protecting your business against risk, outsourcing your HR needs to Ellis Whittam will allow you to:

Prevent issues before they arise
Increase productivity and performance
Enhance employee engagement
Improve retention
Save time and money
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To ensure we provide a high-quality service that delivers results, we ask our clients to rate our support after each major piece of work. Our current work satisfaction score is 97%.

More than just good advice

In addition to unlimited HR advice and guidance at the end of the phone, we offer a range of market-leading extras, from expert-led training to our range of HR Consultancy services, which are designed to take the hassle out of HR management and help you approach matters with confidence day to day.

These include:

For added peace of mind, our Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) for Employment Tribunals covers the cost of defence, settlements and awards in the event of an employee bringing a claim against you. Therefore, if you were to lose a discrimination claim, you could stand to save approximately £24,500 to £38,000.

Managed and delivered by highly-experienced HR experts, our wide range of expert-led HR & Management training courses are intended to help you implement positive change across your organisation.

By upskilling your managers through effective management training and ensuring best-practice approaches are adopted, you can enhance performance, prevent costly mistakes from occurring and reduce financial and reputational risk.

As part of our core HR service, you will have access to a growing range of interactive e-Learning courses covering topics such as Change Management, Communication, Leadership, Sexual Harassment and Equality & Diversity.

This convenient and cost-effective training solution allows employees to complete the courses at their own pace, in their own time, with no need for employees to take time away from the workplace and no time wasted.

If you struggle with the administration of managing, monitoring, communicating and reporting some aspects of HR, such as absenteeism, holidays and training, our easy-to-use HR Management Software makes managing employee information simple and efficient.

Use it to store employee data, manage holidays and absences, keep a record of training and qualifications, and take advantage of our cost-effective employee benefits packages.

If you’re facing a particularly difficult or sensitive issue or looking for more hands-on support during a particular HR challenge, our HR Consultancy Team offer a range of additional services, including discipline and grievance meetings, mediation, welfare/medical capability meetings, salary reviews, pay and benefits benchmarking, staffing reviews, performance management/appraisal frameworks, staff surveys and employee benefit reviews.

Why not give us a call?

If you’re looking to reduce legal risk, make light work of HR challenges, and save valuable time and money, our fixed-fee HR and Employment Law service is the perfect solution. To talk through your specific needs with one of our friendly team, call 0345 226 8393 or request your free consultation using the button below.

HR Guides

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How might outsourcing my HR needs save my business money?

You might be tempted to manage HR matters in-house in an effort to keep costs down; however, in reality, this is likely to see you spending more than you have to. Outsourcing your HR management is a cost-effective way of staying on top of your HR responsibilities and can help to keep costs down by:

  • Saving on the expense of an in-house member of staff, while still giving you access to a named, highly-qualified HR professional whom you can call upon at any time.
  • Reducing the burden placed upon management time, allowing them to focus on what’s important.
  • Preventing costly Employment Tribunal claims, bearing in mind that the average award for unfair dismissal stands at £15,007. At Ellis Whittam, we reduce the risk of an Employment Tribunal claim by c.77% compared to the national average, and improve your chances of defending a claim by over eight times.

Discover more about outsourcing your HR to Ellis Whittam


What exactly is a HR Consultant?

The role of a HR Consultant is to help an organisation manage its workforce effectively in order to ensure a high level of productivity and efficiency.

This may involve advising employers or management on a range of employee relations issues, helping to establish best-practice policies and procedures to keep the organisation compliant, or providing on-site HR Consultancy support with tricky processes such as grievances and disciplinaries.

As well as day-to-day assistance, you may also turn to a HR Consultant for strategic HR help, including support with succession planning, pay benchmarking, job evaluations and other big-picture HR activities that help your organisation to grow and treat people well.

Find out how our HR Consultants can become an extension of your team


One of my employees just submitted a grievance. What do I do now?

Grievances require careful handling, as missteps can cause irreparable damage to the employment relationship and leave you exposed to Employment Tribunal claims.

It’s essential that employers follow a fair and thorough procedure, which typically involves holding a grievance meeting as soon as possible to expand upon the complaint and then conducting an investigation to establish all the relevant facts. Once investigations have concluded, you will need to inform the employee of the outcome of your investigation, and if the grievance is upheld, what action will be taken. You must also inform them of their right to appeal the decision, noting that the outcome of any appeal will be final.

Our HR Consultants are well-versed in dealing with employee grievances and can provide straightforward HR advice to help you expertly navigate the process and achieve the best possible outcome, quickly.

Learn more about the benefits of our unlimited HR advice and the sort of issues we can help with

Director of Legal Services

James Tamm

Whether you’re facing an immediate challenge or just want the reassurance of an expert second opinion, we’re here to offer clear, commercial advice so that you can focus on what you do best.

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