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Taking care of Human Resources (HR) issues in any organisation, large or small, can be a challenge. Because if you get it wrong, the costs can be detrimental. You could land yourself in an Employment Tribunal that might cost you thousands.

With the Employment Tribunal fees now quashed employees now have no barriers to putting your reputation at risk.

That’s why it is important you look to HR specialists to support you.

Whether you find yourself without an in-house team or that team is stretched or struggling to deal with a complicated issue, EW has an outsourcing solution to match your needs.

Unlike a more traditional approach of using solicitors, Ellis Whittam approach is fixed fee.

With Ellis Whittam’s HR support you get:

  • Compliance from a dedicated named adviser to manage all your HR queries
  • Complete bespoke drafting of handbook and contracts
  • Any letters will be written for you
  • Legal Expenses Insurance to keep you completely covered.

We will raise standards across your organisation, avoid Employment Tribunals and always give you the best advice and solutions. With insurance backed advice and certainty of cost with our fixed fees, we’ll deal with everything Employment Law & HR while you concentrate on what’s important.


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