HR management made easy

There can be a great deal of administration involved in managing employees, and the burden only increases as your business grows. At Ellis Whittam, we want to make managing your business uncomplicated, efficient and stress-free.

Provided as part of our core Employment Law and Human Resources service, our easy-to-use HR Management Software for businesses will transform your HR function. If filing cabinets of employee information is no longer cutting it, automating your processes will save valuable time and provide your employees and managers with the tools they need to manage HR tasks at the touch of a button.

"Our investment in this software is part of our commitment to help our clients scale their business for growth."

Gavin Snell
CEO, Ellis Whittam

Take the hassle out of managing employee information

  • Store and organise employee data, important files and essential employee documents
  • Manage and report on holidays, absence, timesheets and rostering
  • Stay on top of employee reviews
  • Maintain a comprehensive employee directory
  • Keep a record of training and development

Raise your game through employee benefits

Do your company benefits help you to attract and retain the best talent? Do they give you the edge over your competitors?

For a unique total employee management system, combine our free HR Software with our Employee Benefit module to create a custom employee benefits package, including:

  • Childcare vouchers
  • Gym discounts
  • Car allowance
  • Private medical insurance
  • Pension schemes

A complete solution to employee management

Our UK HR Management Software is an integral part of our service and is just one of the ways we help businesses to create great, safe places to work.

The software is provided as part of our online portal, My EW, where you’ll also have access to our Employment Law Knowledge Hub and a qualified Employment Law Adviser.

Want to build a high-performing HR function and receive professional support all in one neat solution?