As part of our core Health & Safety Service, we would like to introduce our award-winning health & safety management software.

This cloud-based system will revolutionise your approach to risk and safety management.

This simple and secure way to manage compliance will allow you to confidently meet your legal requirements.

You will be able to:

  • Monitor and control those actions identified in your General Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Assessment
  • Assign ownership to those responsible for actioning
  • Implement your own monitoring checks at the desired frequency to proactively manage your work environment
  • Maintain a register of all your statutory compliance certification to ensure that re-examination is undertaken
  • Record all accidents and incidents and conduct a comprehensive investigation
  • Safely store, retrieve and modify important H&S documentation including your H&S Policy and Employee HandbookGeneral Risk Assessment and Action Plan
  • Access our comprehensive Health & Safety library of materials including guidance documents for employers and employees and a suite of risk assessment templates and completed examples.

The software sends automatic alerts when your certificates and documents are due for renewal. When new documents arrive, upload them in seconds to make it accessible to your whole team.

It’s never been easier to stay compliant, and actively manage your health and safety. Let the online filing cabinet and alert system do the organising for you.

Take a look at the video below for an introduction: