We provide HR and Health & Safety e-Learning courses that are engaging, cost effective and has a direct impact on your organisation. 

Our e-Learning is delivered via the internet, using videos and interactive testing. With access to the internet, your employees undertake the training at any time at any location. Training can be completed at a pace that suits each individual.

Training is a powerful tool in the avoidance, mitigation and defence of personal injury claims. If you can demonstrate that you have provided relevant training, your organisation is better protected.

Benefits of e-Learning

  • It does not require any special technology, training facilities or supervision.
  • As this is an entirely online system, employees can complete the training at their own pace, in their own time, even at home.
  • Downtime is therefore minimised as the flexibility allows an individual to undertake the training at any time, 24/7, in any location. You no longer need to take groups of employees out of the workplace with operations coming to a halt.
  • Licences allow for unlimited training in all the modules for all employees.
  • You can set your own pass score for each course.
  • At a glance you can see who has completed the training, and who has failed and needs to re-sit.
  • When employees have passed a module, they receive a certificate for their files. This is an excellent, cost effective way of you demonstrating to your employees that you take their development and wellbeing seriously.

A Growing Range of Courses

Training modules cover more than 60 topics, including: Slips, Trips & Falls, Risk Assessment, COSHH, Display Screen Equipment, Environmental Awareness, Fire Safety, Food Hygiene, Lift Truck and Warehouse Safety, Lone Working, Manual Handling, Stress and many more. We are developing new courses all the time and recent additions include “soft skill” HR disciplines such as Equality & Diversity.

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