COVID-19 | Time to review your risk assessments?

COVID-19 advice The information in this blog is correct as at 22 July 2020. For the most up-to-date Employment Law and Health & Safety advice to support your organisation through the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our Coronavirus Advice Hub, which is updated daily and contains a variety of free guidance notes, letter templates, checklists, risk assessments and […]

3-STEP GUIDE | Health and safety for outdoor events

If you’re rounding off the summer with an outdoor event, health and safety might not be the most exciting element of your preparations, but it’s a part of the process you can’t afford to overlook. You don’t have to be a health and safety expert to run a safe and successful event – but you […]

‘Avoidable’ | Company fined thousands over child gate crush fatality

An electric gate company has been handed a £30,000 fine for health and safety failings that led to the death of a six-year-old boy. The incident occurred in an underground car park on Leylands Road, Leeds on 31 October 2015. Leeds Crown Court heard how the boy, along with his friends, had been playing on […]

School fairs | A guide to health and safety requirements

When it comes to school fairs, effective planning and organisation is essential to creating an event that is both safe and enjoyable. And while health and safety shouldn’t be a barrier to holding school events, it’s important to make sure that risks to staff and visitors have been assessed and adequately controlled. Depending on the […]

Sexual harassment in the workplace | Will government recommendations become law?

Last week, an alliance of unions, charities and women’s rights groups initiated a campaign calling for employers to be held legally liable if they fail to protect their staff from sexual harassment at work. As it stands, responsibility for reporting sexual harassment at work lies with the victim, and employers are currently under no legal […]

School trips | Staff to pupil ratios explained

There’s often confusion and conflicting information surrounding appropriate staff to pupil ratios for educational visits. It’s important to remember that even though there are no requirements that are prescribed in law, conducting a detailed risk assessment should provide a clear indication of the appropriate ratios required. According to guidance from the Education Authority, supervision ratios […]

Health and safety duties | Employers’ responsibilities to volunteers and the public

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSWA) sets out the general health and safety duties employers have toward their employees. It also requires that employers protect others who may be affected by their work activity, including volunteers and members of the public. This means making sure everyone is protected by controlling risks […]

FOOTBALL CLUBS | Increase your chances of passing an audit in 5 simple steps

Football clubs of all levels have a duty of care to protect their staff, volunteers and service users. No organisation is exempt from abiding by health and safety legislation, and while managing health and safety may not be the most exciting part of running your club, it’s an area where you can’t afford to fall […]

Football club fined over volunteer’s fatal fall from height

St Albans City Football Club has been fined £1,000 following the death of a volunteer. 71-year-old Clive Churchhouse, who had carried out ‘odd jobs’ at the club for many years, suffered fatal injuries after he fell through fragile roof sheeting at the Clarence Park ground. Luton Magistrates’ Court heard how Mr Churchhouse, a lifelong fan […]

Pre-employment checks What an employer needs to know

pre employment checks

No matter how rigorous the interview process, you can never really know how a prospective employee will work out. They may have dazzled you throughout the recruitment stage, but can they impress you in the long run? Of course, you want to make the most informed recruitment decision possible. Therefore, you may offer an individual […]