Court rules disability must be established at the time of “discriminatory” acts

Mental health conditions can be debilitating, impacting all aspects of a person’s life, including their ability to work. For employers, dealing with the operational consequences can be difficult, and if the employee’s condition qualifies as a disability, there’s also potential for legal action. In 2019, the average award for disability discrimination was £28,371 – higher […]

TUPE transfer revelation | Do the regulations apply to workers as well as employees?

With ‘employment’ literally in the title, it has long been understood that the TUPE regulations exist to protect employees when a company changes hands. However, in a potentially groundbreaking decision, an Employment Tribunal has now ruled that workers fall under the definition of employee for the purposes of TUPE. Get your FREE consultation As a […]

CHARITY | The effect of TUPE


When your charity is going through a restructure, you will have one hundred things on your to do list. One of the most important is thinking about what happens to any new staff that are coming on board. For example, if you are tendering for a contract to provide services and the contract involves providing […]

TUPE – duty to inform and consult

mediation in the workplace

When preparing for a TUPE transfer on the sale of a business, both the seller (the transferor) and buyer (transferee) have a duty to inform and consult about the transfer. But what does this involve? Seller’s duties The seller must inform the appropriate representatives of the following information: ·         The fact that there will be […]

Changing employment terms after TUPE

fixed term employment contract

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, known as the TUPE Regulations, exist to protect employees if the business they work for changes hands. The regulations also apply if the commercial contract they work on, or part of the business they work for, is transferred from one employer to another. Get your FREE […]

Huge leap in Employment Tribunal claims

tribunal fees

The latest statistics show that the number of single claims to Employment Tribunals has increased by a whopping 64%. Since the second quarter of 2014/15, the number of single claims has been ‘relatively stable’ with approximately 4,200 claims made per quarter. However, between July and September 2017, it rose to 7,042 claims. The increase in […]

Employment Tribunal fees – who will be refunded?

Employment Tribunal fees refunds

You have probably heard that fees to access Employment Tribunals were abolished by the Supreme Court earlier this year. But what does it actually mean for employers? Confusion has reigned since the judgment was handed down and left some thorny issues unresolved, but here is what we know at this stage. Why were Employment Tribunal […]

How TUPE applies when buying or selling a business


If you are buying or selling your business, you need to think about what happens to your employees. This means you need to get to grips with the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, commonly known as TUPE. These Regulations protect an employee’s rights when the business they work for or the commercial contract […]

Change management and employment law

supporting employees during change change management

Change can be scary and unsettling.   Some employees may openly accept change, thinking about how it can positively affect their role and work. Others may mistrust something new, but grudgingly accept it. And there may also be the odd one or two that flat out refuse it, which means employers need to find ways […]