What to include in a Health & Safety Policy

health & safety policy

If you employ five or more people, it is a legal requirement to have a written Health & Safety Policy detailing your organisation’s approach to managing health and safety. A clear and robust Health & Safety Policy is the backbone to strong safety performance and compliance. It establishes your approach to health and safety matters, […]

Warehouse safety | 8 practical ways to reduce risk

Despite being dangerous places to work, warehouse businesses sometimes fail to manage risk properly. This is because they take a ‘general’ approach to warehouse safety. In reality, warehousing work creates numerous specific and unique health and safety hazards that need to be identified and properly managed in order to prevent harm. Get your FREE consultation […]

Fake news? | 5 common health and safety myths busted

Ever heard that health and safety law bans sandals in the office? Or that Christmas lights are no longer allowed in the workplace? Well, as Donald Trump would say, it’s fake news. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is often misquoted by the media to give the impression that workers can’t do […]

SCHOOLS | 8 ways to keep your classrooms health and safety compliant

Children flourish in a safe and secure learning environment – and this starts in the classroom. Pupils and teachers spend most of their day in the classroom, and while not inherently a high-risk environment, ensuring risk is properly assessed and managed is essential to fulfilling your duty of care.  But where do you start with […]

Musculoskeletal disorders | What are they and how can employers prevent them?

Work-related health statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal that musculoskeletal disorders are the second highest cause of ill health in Great Britain. According to the HSE’s 2018/19 Labour Force Survey: 498,000 workers suffered from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (new or longstanding), out of a total of 1,354,000 work-related illnesses. That is to say […]

Work-related injury and ill-health | HSE’s annual statistics for 2018/19

As it does at the end of October each year, the HSE has now published its annual report revealing the extent of work-related injury and ill-health in Great Britain in 2018/19. In addition to quantifying incidences of injury and ill-health, the report, titled Health and safety at work: Summary statistics for Great Britain 2019, also […]

Health and safety for office workers | Practical steps for employers

It’s quite common for employers in office-based businesses to have a relaxed attitude to health and safety. You might assume that if there are no obvious high-risk hazards, such as ladders to fall off or machines to get limbs caught in, then there’s nothing to worry about. Get your FREE consultation In reality, however, there […]

3-STEP GUIDE | Health and safety for outdoor events

If you’re rounding off the summer with an outdoor event, health and safety might not be the most exciting element of your preparations, but it’s a part of the process you can’t afford to overlook. You don’t have to be a health and safety expert to run a safe and successful event – but you […]

HOSPITALITY AND LEISURE | Common health and safety risks and how to reduce them

Employers are required to identify the hazards present in their workplace and to take reasonable steps to control the risks arising from those hazards. A hazard is anything that is potentially dangerous, and even though individual workplaces have their own specific hazards, and the hospitality industry is diverse, there are a number of main areas […]

Health and safety induction training | What to include and 10 top tips for employers

When it comes to creating a positive health and safety culture and driving down risk, raising awareness among employees and instilling the right behaviours from day one is essential. After all, unless staff understand the hazards associated with their role and working environment, and how to avoid them through safe working practices, mistakes will inevitably […]