Staffing shortages in hospitality | 4 ways to meet demand over the festive period

With estimates from the Office of National Statistics suggesting that Immigration to the UK from the EU is at its lowest level since 2013, hospitality businesses are bracing themselves for the very real possibility of staffing shortages over their busiest period. Get your FREE consultation While the future remains uncertain, according to one study, under […]

Working Shifts Increases Risk of Heart Disease

According to new research, working in shifts has a negative impact on cardiovascular health. The Chinese study, which was published in the journal Occupational Medicine, observed more than 320,000 shift workers. They found that: Shift workers have a heightened risk of heart disease; and The risk increases the longer shifts are worked. While the study […]

HOSPITALITY | Reducing the risk of contact dermatitis

hospitality dermatitis

Work-related contact dermatitis is a prevalent issue in the hospitality industry. In fact, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has identified the condition as one of the key health risks employees working within the sector face. Hands are most often affected, followed by the forearms and face. The condition can be severe enough to keep […]

Pub Firm Fined £100,000 after Employee Injury

pub firm fined

A pub chain has been prosecuted for health and safety breaches after an employee suffered a hand injury. The court heard the employee was preparing to unload a drinks delivery when an open but unsecured internal cellar hatch door fell back onto his hand. An accident report filed after the incident at the Slug and Lettuce […]

Hospitality | National Minimum Wage (NMW) rules

When the government names and shames employers who have failed to comply with National Minimum Wage rules, hospitality businesses often appear on the list. In theory, paying the correct National Minimum Wage rate is easy, but there are always areas which bring about confusion. Ellis Whittam’s Employment Law Advisers highlight some of the key points all hospitality […]

HOSPITALITY | Slips, Trips and Falls

slips trips falls

Slips, trips and falls are the most frequently occurring accidents in the hospitality industry. However, they can readily be prevented with the right awareness and training, cleaning procedures, equipment maintenance and footwear. Many of the hazards causing slips and falls in pubs, hotels and restaurants etc can be found at workplaces in other industries. This […]

HOSPITALITY | Persistent Lateness

late for work

Do you have a member of the team who is routinely late for work? Persistent lateness not only impacts upon your ability to serve your customers but also drains the morale of your team. What kind of excuses do you hear for it? “The bus didn’t turn up!” “The train was delayed.”  “Rush hour traffic […]

HOSPITALITY | Health & Safety in the Kitchen

A commercial kitchen can be a very dangerous working environment. Even more so with a Gordon Ramsay style head chef! When you’ve got kitchen and waiting on staff dashing back and forth all day long in compact areas there are lots of hazards to contend with. These can include: Hot surfaces Harmful substances Sharp implements […]

Guide | Improving attendance in Hospitality

Unauthorised absences can hit hospitality businesses hard. Although there is no magic wand to make all these absences disappear, there are ways to reduce absences and its impact on your business. Here are five key ways to improve attendance at your business: Incentives You can consider incentives to reward high attendance. Employees may be able […]

Hotel fined after gravy scalding

A hotel has been fined after a child was scalded by hot gravy. The incident happened when the five-year-old tripped over a trailing electrical wire. The cable was from a soup kettle containing gravy that had been left unattended. Failure to protect visitors Here For You Hospitality Middlesbrough pleaded guilty under the Health & Safety […]