Managing employees | Are you approaching conflict wrong?

It’s an aspect of the job most would hope to avoid, but when you’re in charge of a team, managing conflict comes with the territory. With a mixture of personalities forced to work in close proximity day in day out, there are bound to be times when individuals don’t see eye to eye. Personality clashes, […]

Direct discrimination | What employers need to know

It may seem obvious to say that employers can’t discriminate against their staff, but employment law makes a distinction between indirect and direct discrimination – both of which may be unlawful. So what’s the difference? In this article, we take a look at direct discrimination, including the legal definition, some practical examples, and whether or […]

Managing work-related stress | How employers can meet their duty of care

A stressed-out workforce doesn’t do anybody any good. In fact, work-related stress has significant consequences both for employees and employers. Workplace stress can affect employees’ health, morale, work rate, attendance and working relationships. In turn, this will likely impact your organisation’s productivity, staff turnover and reputation. Get your FREE consultation Facts and figures According to […]

Whistleblowing | The law and best practice for employers

For employers, learning of potential wrongdoing being committed within your organisation can be incredibly unnerving. The law gives certain statutory protections to workers who ‘blow the whistle’, which can make employers feel as though their hands are tied. However, there are a number of requirements that workers must satisfy before they qualify for this protection. […]

6-STEP GUIDE | How to expertly handle workplace grievances

When an employee raises a grievance against a colleague, it’s in an employer’s best interest to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. After all, minimising disruption to your workforce is key to achieving your long-term goals and maintaining long-term success. Understanding how to adeptly navigate the grievance procedure is crucial to maintaining positive working relationships, […]

Tribunal claim numbers up 23% year on year

employment tribunal

Last week, the government released the latest set of Tribunal statistics for the period October to December 2018. And the Employment Tribunal figures from the Ministry of Justice make for stark reading for employers. In this guest blog, James Tamm, Director of Legal Services at Ellis Whittam, discusses the latest Employment Tribunal statistics and the implications this […]

Top Tips for employers when dealing with grievance appeals

non disclosure agreements

While you may think that someone is a moaning Minnie, they may actually be raising a genuine grievance. Going through the formal grievance procedure can be extremely time-consuming. After conducting the grievance hearing, investigating the facts and making a decision on what action to take, you may think that it’s the end of the matter. However, if […]