Justifying Discrimination


Justifying Discrimination

Quickly get to grips with different forms of potentially justifiable discrimination. Through looking at real-life examples of discrimination claims and the legal outcomes based on employers’ aims and actions, we aim to de-bunk common misconceptions.

During this intensive 25-minute webinar, experienced Solicitor Stuart Watkins provides guidance on:

  • What types of discrimination can be justified?
  • What is the legal test for justifying discrimination?
  • What is a “legitimate aim”?
  • What do we mean by “proportionality”?
  • Top tips for avoiding Employment Tribunal claims.

Taking disability discrimination as an example, in the eight periods prior to Employment Tribunal fees being abolished in 2017, there were 7,379 claims made. In the eight periods after, there were 13,056 – an increase of 77%. With the average award for disability discrimination sitting at £27,043, it’s important that employers know how to establish a legal defence.

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