Leadership & Management

Suitable for the newly promoted managers and those who have some experience of managing people, but perhaps lack basic training or require a refresher.

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of key employment legislation
  • An understanding of your role and responsibilities
  • Knowledge of different leadership styles and when to use them
  • Knowledge of how to deal with difficult situations and conversations more efficiently, saving time and preventing issues recurring
  • An awareness of the ACAS Code and an understanding of how to comply with it

 Benefits to your organisation.

  • An engaged and motivated workforce enjoying greater job satisfaction, higher motivation and morale
  • Informed managers with the confidence and knowledge to tackle difficult employee related situations
  • Improved risk management in potentially highly litigious areas such as dismissal

Course Content

Overview of Essential Employment Law

Managers need to understand the legal framework that underpins the employment relationship. The workshop will provide knowledge of how to tackle common workplace issues within the law, in particular with regard to discrimination and unfair dismissal legislation.

Role of the Manager / Leader

It is essential that managers and leaders are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to be effective in their roles. The workshop gives an overview of different leadership styles and when to use them.

Effective Communication

This is a critical element of leadership and management and the workshop is designed to give you tips and techniques for getting positive results.

Dealing with Challenging Conversations

Managers need to be able to prepare for challenging conversations, know how to manage and control the discussion and ensure they are talking to employees in as productive a way as possible. The workshop explains how to identify situations where challenging conversations may arise and gives tips on handling these.

Managing Performance

Managing performance gives managers the opportunity to check that their employees know the business and are working to their best ability and when there are problems what to do about them. The workshop provides you with an awareness of how to identify poor performance, set goals, develop improvement plans and implement them.

Discipline and Grievance

Every business needs to have managers who are able to handle disciplinary and grievance matters in the workplace. Ensuring employees know what is expected of them and the rules within which they operate is key to getting the best results from them. The workshop addresses everything from the Acas Code through to resolving issues informally, conducting investigations and hearings, implementing appropriate sanctions and how to deal with appeals.

Course Timings / Duration

1-day workshop

9.30am to 4.30pm

Please call us on 0345 226 8393 if you would like to arrange an in-house course.