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Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism

When you are running a Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism business you face many challenges: compliance, safety, regular changes in the law and time-consuming worker issues. These take you away from making your business grow.

EW’s support allows you to focus on what matters to you.

That’s why we are trusted by hundreds of businesses in your industry.

Whether you face workplace issues such as theft, till losses, attendance, casual workers, employee retention or complicated contractual issues our Employment Law and HR experts will provide fast, practical and commercial support tailored to you and your business.

From a health and safety perspective, we understand your challenges: keeping members of the public safe, safety of facilities and equipment and the tricky nature of outdoor activities. Your Health & Safety experts will install a practical safety management system for you suited to your business environment. We will work with you to keep your premises and working environments safe for your staff and customers. Our Consultants will identify your priorities, work with you to address them and can even act as one of your legally required ‘Competent Persons’.

As part of our full service offering, you can also benefit from our independent Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) for both Employment Tribunals and Protection from Prosecution in health and safety matters.

EW’s unique combination of expert support, unlimited help and fixed fees, supported up by our independent LEI gives you certainty of cost, peace of mind and more time to focus on achieving your business objectives.

You can trust EW as your specialist Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety.