Ellis Whittam is a leading provider of legal advisory services to trade associations and membership organisations.

Our approach to working in partnership with membership organisations is simple. We want to achieve the shared objective of happy engaged members who really value their membership of your association.

Our approach is not that of the mass market providers. We want to work with you to understand your long term objectives and create compelling service propositions which add value and actively support your membership retention and recruitment initiatives.

Whatever your market sector and needs, we have the expertise, flexibility and experience to develop the right solution for your association and your members.

What to look for in a legal services partner

Providing a legal advisory service for your members for your members is now an essential part of any membership offering.  Providing this type of service is an easy way to add real impact to your existing member benefits. 

When did you last review your existing service?

It’s good governance to regularly review your existing provision to ensure that you are still offering the services your members really need and that you are working with the very best providers.

Ellis Whittam is a legal services provider which understands the membership sector.

Our services can help your members reduce their costs, operate safely and remain legally compliant. They can also help your association grow its membership and create additional incomes streams.

What we do:

Ellis Whittam can provide your members with access to expert, professional legal advice by a dedicated telephone number and email address.

We can provide advice to your members in the critically important areas of:

  • Employment Law & HR
  • Health & Safety
  • Commercial Law
  • Tax & VAT
  • Employee Counselling
  • Legal Compliance

Our advisory services can be underpinned by Legal Expenses Insurance which means we can support your members all the way through to a full employment tribunal at no cost to them.


Working closely with our broking and underwriting partners Towergate and Abbey Legal Protection, we are FCA regulated and specialise in delivering bespoke Legal Expenses Insurance for membership organisations.


Abbey Legal Protection are also the providers of our Commercial Law and Tax advisory services.


All Ellis Whittam Partners receive regular Management Information reports which illustrate the numbers of enquiries made, hours of advice provided and common issues being raised. 

All of this information helps you know what challenges your members are dealing with and also demonstrates value for money from your advisory service provider.


An Ellis Whittam Partnership is not just about telephone advice.

We will produce regular content for your newsletters, magazines, website and blogs which will be written specifically to address your members’ interests, keeping them up to date on current issues and changes in legislation.

Regular references to topical legal issues in your communications to your members also reminds members of the support they can access via their membership.

Your members will have full access to our online document library which hosts a vast number of template letters, policies, contracts, handbooks and briefing notes all of which can be available to your members whenever they need it.

We can integrate our content within your own website through a dedicated portal ensuring that traffic is driven to your website, not ours, and the branding reflects your own, creating a seamless and more enjoyable customer journey.

We know how important events are for membership organisations. They are great opportunities to bring members together, to inform them of crucial developments and remind them of the value of their membership. 

We will always do our best to support your conferences and events and, depending on availability, our legal advisers and consultants can be made available which can help increase turnout and enhance understanding of complex issues.

When a member requires an enhanced the level of support with on site visits, general and fire risk assessments or bespoke contracts and correspondence then our upgraded service, known as One2One, may be more suitable.

We can offer a generous referral scheme for our Partner associations who chose to make their members aware of this option. The income from which can be utilised to provide further membership benefits or offset against the cost of the helpline service.

Your relationship with Ellis Whittam will be managed by a named Partnerships Manager and through regular meetings you will be kept fully up to date on how the service is being delivered.

We will work with you to implement marketing campaigns, events and promotions if required, all as part of the Partnership. We respect the relationship between trade associations and their members and we handle your membership data responsibly at all times.

Training is a powerful tool in the avoidance, mitigation and defence of personal injury claims and if your members can demonstrate that they have provided relevant training they are better protected.

We can provide a wide range of HR and Health & Safety e-Learning courses that are engaging, cost effective and will have a direct impact on your members.

Our popular e-learning platform now provides over 60 courses including:

  • GDPR
  • Information Security
  • Bribery Act
  • Modern Slavery Act
  • Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Fire Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Lone Working
  • Manual Handling
  • Stress 

We are developing new courses all the time and recent additions include “soft skill” HR disciplines such as Equality & Diversity.

To view our full range of courses please view our e-learning brochure.

Getting members to attend training courses can be time consuming so we can also deliver webinars for your members which offer a convenient way for them to access online learning opportunities.

We can work with you to ensure they are focused on the right topics and they can be also be recorded so your members can watch them again at any time or even share them with other colleagues.

Why partner with Ellis Whittam?

We understand membership organisations. We know that the retention and recruitment of members is one of the most significant challenges for any association and we know it’s how we deliver our service that makes the real difference.

By working with us your members will get access to a team of experts who are highly experienced in membership organisations and who really appreciate the importance of the role we play in acting on your behalf when we engage with your members.

"We are delighted to be working with Ellis Whittam who are known for their expertise in the third sector, their quality of service and value for money. Our very positive long-standing relationship stems from a track record of helping and advising members with a wide range of issues."

Pete Johnson,
Head of Business Development,

Talk to us

We are known for providing detailed and practical advice along with industry leading levels of customer service.

By delivering this we can keep your members happy and this means we can build a solid, long lasting relationship with you, which is exactly what we want to do.

If you are considering enhancing your existing membership benefits or you already offer advice services via another provider, get in touch today and let’s see how Ellis Whittam can make a difference to your association and your members

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