We're proud of the partnerships we have developed with professional bodies and institutes in several sectors

In some sectors, we are the acknowledged market leader, having developed partnerships with established professional bodies and institutions. 

Our partnership and affiliate approach is very different to most business referral schemes. We work together to understand our partners’ long term objectives and create compelling service propositions. These add value, actively support member retention and acquisition initiatives. We help you maximise sustainable revenue streams.

We also work with businesses who offer complementary services to ours, developing successful partnerships that add value to each other’s client base.

Whatever your market sector and needs, we have the expertise, flexibility and experience to develop the right solution for you.

To explore ways in which we might work in partnership with your organisation, please contact us by completing the form below.

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"We are delighted to be working with Ellis Whittam who are known for their expertise in the third sector, their quality of service and value for money. Our very positive long-standing relationship stems from a track record of helping and advising members with a wide range of issues."

"The service provided is priceless. Having this level of expertise on hand gives us peace of mind and allows us to get on with the primary task of running our business."

"We wholeheartedly recommend Ellis Whittam to NPA members. Through their thorough understanding of your pharmacy specific requirements they have developed solutions that offer a level of protection and service quality that we believe adds real value to your business. "


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