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When you are running a business, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. 

You know that managing your HR and Employment Law should be a priority. But you just don’t have the time to dedicate to it. Maybe a solution is to outsource Employment Law.

If you have no or little idea of how best to deal with a challenging situation with an employee and take action without seeking legal advice, you could land yourself in front of an Employment Tribunal. 

These challenging issues could include:

  • Misconduct
  • Disciplinaries
  • Redundancy
  • TUPE

Rather than do it yourself, why don’t you try outsourcing Employment Law to the people who really know what they are talking about – the experts. 

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Let’s make the business case for outsourcing employment law

Dealing with your HR and Employment Law challenges can involve an endless amount of time, resource, money and paperwork.

By outsourcing Employment Law, it relieves that burden and allows you to get on with focusing on revenue-generating tasks, working on your business strategy and reaching your goals.


Do you know how to handle complex grievances? Are you aware of the procedure to follow if an employee commits an act of gross misconduct? Do you know whether you can dismiss someone who is on long-term sick leave?

So, rather than muddle your way through and get it wrong, outsourcing Employment Law to experts can minimise the risks of Employment Tribunals claims and give you the confidence and support you need to deal with all your day-to-day workplace challenges.

The laws do not remain static – they constantly change and it is not always easy to keep up to date with what is happening.

The experts will be keeping tabs on all the developments. They will make sure that your Employee Handbook policies and Contracts of Employment are clear, robust and legally compliant. This will reduce reputational and financial risk by ensuring that you are fulfilling your legal obligations and avoiding costly mistakes.

Outsourcing Employment Law can provide you with added value by providing you with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s a cheaper alternative to delving deep into your pockets to hire a team of HR and Employment Law experts and giving them all the resources and space they need. Outsourcing Employment Law on a fixed fee service means you know your costs and can budget accordingly. This is a stark difference to using a solicitor.

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The benefits of outsourcing Employment Law to Ellis Whittam

Outsourcing Employment Law to Ellis Whittam is your best solution.

We offer:

  • Fixed fee service – No matter how much your business grows, your fees remain the same.
  • Quality advice – Our legally qualified Employment Law Advisers don’t provide generic advice, but advice that is aligned to your business interests.
  • One point of contact – Forget call centres and long waiting times. You will be matched with a named, dedicated Employment Law Adviser who will be able to answer all your enquiries.
  • Bespoke drafting of letters and contracts – We don’t just provide you with templates and expect you to fill them in. We can draft contracts, letters, documents and settlement agreements.

HR Management Software

If you’re looking to outsource your employment law, our HR Management Software makes managing employee information simple. Provided as part of our online portal, the software allows you to store employee data, lets you manage holidays and absences, can be used to record training and qualifications, and acts as a reporting tool for managers. Find out more here.

Legal Expenses Insurance

In the event of an insured employment dispute, we will defend the claim and the insurance will pay Employment Tribunal compensation awarded against you or settlement monies.

In addition, the LEI can be utilised to bring pursuit claims against former employees or third parties who breach restrictive covenants, such as former employees that contact your clients or work in competition in breach of their contract of employment