Hands-on HR additional services and flexible support

Our nationwide network of qualified HR Consultants support you with any task, whether it’s a one-off issue or an ongoing requirement, meaning we have more HR additional services than ever.

Dismissals and disciplinary issues, appeals and job evaluations, restructures and mediation – all of our Consultants have years of experience handling issues of this kind and are fully qualified to assist you. We offer various HR additional services to keep your business moving forward. Get in touch with our experts today!

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We can review and help to re-write job descriptions to ensure:

  • they are aligned to the needs of the organisation;
  • that they attract the right job candidates;
  • help employees understand their responsibilities;
  • act as a tool for evaluating employees’ performance; and
  • become an integral part of the organisations appraisal process.

We undertake salary reviews as part of our benchmarking process by analysing internal salaries in relation to the role requirements and other roles within the organisation using Job Evaluation methodology.

We also benchmark salaries and benefits against those on offer elsewhere within the sector.

We can support the process of shaping an organisational design and structure and align it to your business’ aims, taking into account the context in which the organisation operates in. We can work with senior management to develop a new reporting structure and associated job descriptions to support strategic aims. We can also meet with management to provide process support during operational consultation meetings with employees affected by a restructure.

Our HR Consultants work closely with our Employment Law Advisers to support clients in handling TUPE transfers. We do this by undertaking consultation meetings with affected employees and also those remaining after transfer. We also support at redundancy consultation meetings where appropriate.

Employee Opinion Questionnaires are like a performance review for an organisation enabling you to identify areas for improvement. By pinpointing your priorities, you will know where you should focus your efforts. We can support in the design and administration of Employee Opinion Questionnaires together with analysing the results and recommending actions for improvement.

We can provide mediation and facilitation services to help two or more individuals or groups to reach a solution that is acceptable to everyone when conflicts arise. We can assist the parties in understanding the issues and helping them to clarify the options for resolving their difference or dispute.