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Employment Law and HR solicitors blend legal experience with HR expertise.

Understanding the law and how to apply it can be a challenge, but by working with HR consultants, it can be made it simple.

At Ellis Whittam, our Employment Law and HR solicitors can make a positive contribution to your organisation, ensuring you are acting in compliance with the law and meeting best practice. 

With our HR and Employment Law service, we offer:

  1. Your own named Employment Law and HR solicitor

They are available by phone or email to help you deal with any employment law issue you face. Your expert will learn all about your organisation and be able to give you sensible and commercially sound advice. They can also carry out a comprehensive review of your employment contracts and handbooks to ensure legal compliance.

  1. Quick response times

When dealing with employee issues, we understand that they can escalate quickly and you need advice on the best course of action. Whether it’s for strategic advice, to guide you step-by-step through a workplace problem or just to give you the reassurance of a second opinion, your Employment Law and HR solicitor is just a phone call or email away. They will answer promptly to ensure you can deal with the workplace challenges quickly and efficiently.

  1. Personal service

When you call or email us, we will not be using scripts or provide stock answers. Nor is it like a call centre or helpline offering generic advice. Our service is based on our experience of the sector you work in and tailored to your exact needs. We also provide bespoke drafting of letters and contracts of employment.

  1. Unlimited support

As it is a fixed fee service, you can contact your HR solicitor as often as you need. It won’t cost you a penny more.  We pride ourselves on transparency of costs. There will not be any hidden or surprise costs coming to haunt you in the future.

  1. Legal Expenses insurance

Our aim is ensuring clients do not end up in Employment Tribunals, but in the rare cases where this does happen, we have a fantastic record in securing successful outcomes for our clients. If an Employment Tribunal claim is made against your organisation and you have the cover of our Legal Expenses Insurance, we will defend it at no extra charge.

More support at your fingertips 

Our HR Consultancy supports you with all your HR challenges and management training needs. Delivered on-site if required by qualified experts, it supplements the service you already receive. Find out more about our additional services here.

Ellis Whittam’s HR support is the solution for you. To find out more about our Employment Law and HR solicitors, contact us here.

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