HR Helpline

Employers and HR managers will be faced with unexpected employee issues.

The easiest way for employers to get answers to all their questions is through a HR helpline.

Think back to the last month. What types of issues did you experience?

  • An employee who has raised a grievance during the disciplinary process?
  • Did you want to dismiss someone on the spot, but were unsure if this was actually lawful?
  • Calculating holiday pay for casual workers?

With a HR helpline for employers, you can get access to a wealth of Human Resources knowledge and expertise.

Hr helpline for employers

The definitive HR helpline for employers

At Ellis Whittam, our HR helpline will be answered by a HR expert who is legally qualified and only focuses on HR and Employment Law. You will be paired with a team of advisers who will learn about you, have relevant experience of your sector and will understand the unique set of challenges you face when managing your employees.

They will not just tell you what the law says; they will explain in clear and jargon-free language how it applies to you and your set of circumstances in a view to achieving your commercial goals.

As a HR company, we do not provide you with templates but do the hard work for you. We will draft your contracts, Employee Handbook, letters and other documentation. Anything that you have currently in place will be carefully reviewed to ensure that it is robust, fit for purpose and complies with the law.

Whether you need hand-holding through your day to day HR challenges or want some strategic support, your Employment Law Adviser is at the end of the phone through the HR helpline to assist you.

HR Management Software

If you’re looking for support to complement your HR helpline for businesses, our HR Management Software makes managing employee information simple. 

Provided as part of our online portal, the software allows you to store employee data, lets you manage holidays and absences, can be used to record training and qualifications, and acts as a reporting tool for managers.

Quality advice but without law firm fees

Often employment law solicitors will charge by the hour, which can mean that costs run away from you.

But with Ellis Whittam’s fixed fee HR and Employment Law service, you have complete certainty of cost. We believe that outstanding quality advice from the HR helpline doesn’t translate to employers paying a fortune.

Why use Ellis Whittam as your HR Helpline?

We believe in the value of a personal approach. That’s why we assign a dedicated team of named HR specialists who will get to know your organisation and how you operate.

That way, when you pick up the phone looking for HR help, you’re speaking to someone who understands how you work and can provide the best possible advice on the issues you are facing – with no need for catching up and no time wasted.

By taking the time to get to know your business inside out, we’re able to truly understand your commercial objectives and work with you to achieve them whenever you call Ellis Whittam’s HR helpline.

Importantly, unlike some of our competitors, we use an entirely independent FCA-regulated insurer. 

This means, as totally transparent HR company, we don’t have our bottom line at the back of our mind when we’re advising you; the decisions we make have only your interests and desired end result in mind.

Unlike a traditional solicitors firm, where you may pay an extortionate upfront cost and then additional fees for small tasks, we provide unlimited support on a fair, fixed-fee basis. This means that your costs remain the same no matter how much your business grows or how many times you need our support.

What’s more, our honest and open approach means that when you outsource your employment law to Ellis Whittam, there’s no hidden charges or automatic renewal clauses to worry about.

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For added peace of mind, our Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) for Employment Tribunals covers the cost of defence, settlements and awards in the event of an employee bringing a claim against you. 

Therefore, if you were to lose a discrimination claim, you could stand to save approximately £24,500 to £38,000.