Whether you're facing a crisis or just need clarification on the best course of action, even the most knowledgeable employers will require expert HR advice from time to time.

The truth is, while HR matters come with the territory when you run a business or manage an organisation, most employers aren’t experts in employment law, and having to manage issues quickly and compliantly can leave you feeling out of your depth.

So where do you turn?

Need to talk through your situation with a qualified professional?

Ellis Whittam: Qualified HR advice tailored to you

At Ellis Whittam, we specialise in providing high-quality, commercially-minded HR and Employment Law advice to UK employers.

Our team of legally-qualified, dedicated advisers work closely with organisations of all shapes and sizes, helping to unpack even the most complex of employment challenges and find solutions that are preferable to you. Whether you’re in need of professional guidance through a particularly difficult or sensitive situation or would just like the reassurance of a second opinion, we can provide valuable direction and help you to avoid legal pitfalls that may leave you exposed to costly Employment Tribunal claims.

I have a current workforce issue

Unsure how to approach the situation? Worried about whether your preferred course of action complies with relevant case law and statutory requirements? While you might be tempted to follow your instincts or trust the HR advice you find online, employment law is vast and constantly changing, and it can be frustratingly easy to get it wrong.

With it easier than ever for disgruntled employees from bringing a claim against you following the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish Employment Tribunal fees, it’s never wise to risk it. of Our HR and Employment Law Advisers are well versed in a full spectrum of employee relations challenges and can offer clear, best-practice advice based on your specific situation. We’ll alert you to any aspects of employment law that you need to be aware of and guide you through the process to your preferred outcome.

I come up against challenges regularly

Dealing with HR matters can be a time-consuming task, causing unnecessary distractions and placing strain on your internal teams/management staff. All of this costs you money, and the cost of going it alone can often outweigh the cost of outsourced HR support.

Whatever situations you come up against, the ability to be able to pick up the phone to a qualified professional can make all the difference. Are my contracts of employment legally compliant? Am I handling this grievance in the correct way? Can I dismiss an employee who has been on long-term sick leave? What can I do about my high turnover? How do I draft a settlement agreement? No matter how complex or seemingly straightforward the issue, our unlimited, fixed-fee service gives you access to straightforward, pragmatic support at any time.

Outcomes that work for you

When we support a client, the first two questions we ask are: “What is the problem you want to solve?” and “What is your objective/preferred outcome?” We then use our employment law expertise combined with specialist knowledge of your sector to help you achieve exactly that, as quickly as possible.

Unlimited, fixed-fee, personal

We understand that organisations will want to be mindful of cost when enlisting any form of external support. That’s why we operate on an unlimited, fixed-fee basis, without compromising on quality of service or depth of advice.

For you, this means:

You have complete cost certainty, allowing for better budgetary control.
You can lean on us for HR support as often as you need, without worrying about racking up a hefty bill.
You can be sure that your costs won't change throughout the duration of your contract – not even if your organisation grows – and there's no annual adjustment for inflation.
You receive the best-quality HR advice at a fair and fixed price.
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Exceptionally good value for money: When we work out our fixed fees, we assume a charge rate that is typically 45% less than the hourly cost of a law firm. Our clients get exceptionally good value for money.

No auto-renewal clauses

Employers often get stung by hidden notice clauses which tie them into a service for another few years. We believe service quality should dictate whether you renew with us, which is why there’s no such clause in our contracts.

A named expert at your disposal

Alongside fair costs, we believe that the best HR advice is upfront, honest and personal. Brilliant service is integral to what we do, which is why we assign dedicated, legally-qualified HR and Employment Law Advisers who function as a trusted extension of your team that you can call upon at any time.

Your named HR expert (supported by a small team of dedicated advisers) will:

Support you in much the same way as an in-house member of staff would.
Take the time to get to know your organisation, how you operate and the specific challenges you face so that they can provide tailored guidance with your best interests in mind.
Help you to cut through legal jargon by turning complex legislation into clear, practical HR advice geared towards achieving your preferred outcome.
Keep you one step ahead of any legal developments that may affect how you operate.

Pick up where you left off, every time

Importantly, because our HR specialists create genuine, lasting relationships with you or key members of your team, you can pick up the phone at any time with no need for catching up and no time wasted.

From the simple to the most complex

No matter what employment-related hurdle you come up against, clear, commercial HR advice is just a phone call away. Examples of questions you might have where expert advice and clarification would help you to overcome obstacles quickly and compliantly include:

 “An employee has just informed me they are pregnant. What do I need to do now?”

“Can I amend an employee’s terms and conditions without their consent?”

“How do I deal with a flexible working request?”

“A member of staff has submitted a grievance. What’s the first step?”

“What do I need to include in a disciplinary investigation report?”

“Can I pro-rate holiday pay for casual or part-time workers?”

We encourage you to pick up the phone or drop us an email at any time in order to get nip issues in the bud and prevent them from snowballing into serious issues – and our fixed-fee service allows you to do so with complete reassurance on cost.

Need more hands-on support?  

If you need additional support through particularly complex situations or more strategic HR help, we offer you a wide range of hands-on, flexible HR Consultancy services.

Our expert team can review your job descriptions to ensure they are aligned to your needs, provide mediation services when conflict arises in the workplace, and undertake consultation meetings with affected employees when handling TUPE. These services are designed to maximise the way in which your organisation manages, motivates and deploys people in order to ensure lasting value, as well as relieve some of the people pressures you face so that you can concentrate on running your organisation. 

"They really support our team and it is reassuring to know we can pick the phone up at any time for pragmatic, coherent advice."
HR Manager, Empire Cinema

More than just outstanding HR advice

The support available via our HR helpline is backed up by a range of additional tools designed take the hassle out of HR management, protect your organisation, and simplify the way you manage people on a daily basis.

This includes:

Expert-created Contracts of Employment for each category of employee, accompanied by an Employee Handbook of best-practice HR policies and procedures.
Skilful drafting of any employment-related documentation, including letters and settlement agreements, to save you valuable time and ensure compliance.
Cloud-based HR Software to provide you with a hassle-free way of managing holiday requests, absenteeism, employee records, training and employee benefits.
Access to our online Knowledge Hub, where you can find an extensive library of expert-created guidance notes and downloadable document templates to use at your disposal.
Independent Legal Expenses Insurance to give you peace of mind that you're protected against the cost of Employment Tribunal claims.

Transform your approach to HR 

To discuss your current challenges and arrangements and find out how our personalised, fixed-fee service can help you to offload your people pressures, call 0345 226 8393 to speak to one of our friendly team.