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Good Health & Safety advice is crucial for two big reasons

It’s essential for keeping your staff, clients, and visitors safe, and it’s a legal requirement too. That’s why having Health & Safety advice at your fingertips is so important.

Maintaining a safe environment also lowers staff turnover, improves efficiency, and keeps insurance costs down.

The cost of not being Health & Safety compliant

If an incident takes place in your business as a result of poor Health & Safety, it can have short and long-term negative effects.  

Initially, you could lose staff through injury and have to replace damaged stock or equipment. There could then be legal fees and compensation to pay, as well as a loss of reputation to deal with. Months, and even years, after the incident, it could be harder to recruit staff and convince them they’ll be working in a safe environment.

How to make sure your business is compliant

All employers must appoint someone to help them meet their Health & Safety requirements. It could be you, an appropriate member of staff, or a third party. They need to have the right skills and knowledge to act as your ‘Competent Person‘. That ‘Competent Person’ can be an external support provider, such as the Health & Safety consultants from Ellis Whittam.

Follow the Health & Safety at Work Act

This Act covers everything from keeping your own staff safe to protecting the general public. To meet its requirements, you must ensure:

  • The workplace is safe with access to first aid and welfare.
  • Staff have all the safety equipment they need for noise, fumes, and personal safety.
  • Equipment is safe to use and staff are trained to use it.
  • There’s an accessible Health & Safety policy all employees can read.

Identify potential problems before they get worse

If you know what to look for, Health & Safety incidents can be prevented before they cause any further problems. A Health & Safety advisory service can risk assess every part of your business.

Outsource to a Health & Safety advisory service

As your business and remit changes, you might not have enough time or knowledge to manage health and safety yourself. Outsourcing to professional health and safety advisors makes sure every detail is taken care of.

Ellis Whittam has been delivering professional services since 2004. We can:

  • Provide onsite health and safety support
  • Write your health and safety policy to keep you compliant
  • Act as your competent person
  • Create your General Risk Assessment.

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