Brilliant Health & Safety Support for Large Employers tailored to your organisation

If you already have health & safety measures in place but could benefit from additional support, we’re here to assist you. Our Consultants are familiar with the health & safety challenges faced by larger employers and currently work with some of the UK’s leading organisations.

We work in partnership and provide a completely bespoke service. Simply choose how much you want to outsource to us – it might be a full service or specific elements to secure higher quality support or cost savings. Our invaluable legal expenses insurance protects your business in the event of prosecutions brought against you for breaches of health and safety regulations and for Fee For Intervention (FFI) charges.

MySafety Software

As part of our core Health & Safety service, MySafety will revolutionise your approach to risk and safety management. Use the power of our intuitive tool to integrate with your organisation and pull your data in to one risk status indicator. Compliance at the click of a button.

It’s never too late to improve your health and safety culture and protect your organisation.

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