Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is a fundamental element of health and safety management. Not only is it a legal requirement, but without it, how can you be sure your workplace is safe and compliant?

Whether you’re looking for a full health and safety audit or a task-specific risk assessment, our experts can take a systematic look at your premises and practices and work with you to ensure safety and compliance.

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Identify issues, maintain high safety standards

Risk assessment comes in many forms. If you’re not confident in your current safety management system, you may need a full intensive health and safety audit to check everything is in place and working the way it should.

Alternatively, you might need a more specific assessment of a particular activity or piece of equipment or just need support keeping your risk assessments up to date.

  • An element of our fixed-fee Health & Safety support
  • Get an on-site audit of your working environment in the form of a General Risk Assessment
  • Help formulating assessments for specific risk areas such as DSE, manual handling, COSHH and fire safety
  • Build your own assessments and checks, assign responsibilities and monitor actions with our award-winning Health & Safety Software
  • Unlimited advice and guidance from a named Health & Safety specialist to keep you compliant

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Meaningful risk assessment tailored to you

With the HSE more rigorously pursuing enforcement action against those found to be in material breach of health and safety law, ensuring risk is appropriately managed is crucial to avoiding significant financial penalties and damage to your reputation.

Rather than relying on generic risk assessment templates, with support from a qualified professional, you can ensure your risk assessments reflect your specific activities, the particular risks present within your workplace and the controls you have in place. That way, you can reduce the risk of injury and ill health, demonstrate compliance and stand up to regulator scrutiny.

"Ellis Whittam has been very helpful in explaining the parts of the risk assessments I don't fully understand and that has enabled me to feel confident all of our risk assessments are of the right standard."

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Popular FAQs

Common risk assessment queries and questions about our service, answered by our Health & Safety specialists.

Is a risk assessment a legal requirement?

Yes. Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, all employers, regardless of size or sector, must undertake a “suitable and sufficient” assessment of the health and safety of risks their employees are exposed to while at work, as well as the risks to any non-employees (customers, visitors, contractors, etc.) who may be affected by their activities. If you employ five or more employees, it is a legal requirement to keep a written record of your assessment and significant findings. If you’re not sure where to begin with risk assessment, we can help you.

Can you do risk assessments for particular pieces of machinery?

If, for example, the audit we’ve conducted for you (or that you’ve conducted yourself) has revealed a number of items of machinery that you haven’t completed risk assessments on, we could support you with this as an additional piece of work outside of our core service. The same applies to risk assessments for lots of hazardous substances, or a large workplace with interactions between moving vehicles and pedestrians. In these cases, we can discuss this as an additional fee, or you can download and modify a particular risk assessment from our Knowledge Hub (included as part of our core Health & Safety service), which we will then review for you free of charge.

What’s the difference between a health and safety audit and a General Risk Assessment?

A health and safety audit is a thorough appraisal of your safety management system, normally conducted by an external health and safety professional as an independent assessment of compliance. It will reveal any areas where you are exposed, such as a missing safe system of work or an uncontrolled hazard, so that you can take corrective action. A General Risk Assessment is the method we use at Ellis Whittam to conduct your audit. It allows us to take a systematic look at your workplace: identifying risks, evaluating the likelihood and severity of harm occurring giving the measures you currently have in place, and then recommending ways to reduce risk further.

We have an in-house health and safety team, but they haven’t had formal risk assessment training.

Risk assessment is the foundation of an effective safety management system, yet many individuals with this responsibility have not been taught the basic principles of how to conduct a risk assessment and what the law expects. This can result in an inaccurate estimation of risk, which may lead to certain control measures being recommended that are not necessary or, worse, control measures not being identified or implemented. If you are keen to make sure this essential task is being done properly, our expert Health & Safety Team can devise a risk assessors training package to develop internal competence.

Do I need a coronavirus (COVID-19) risk assessment?

Yes. COVID-19 is a biological hazard, and just like any other workplace hazard, all employers must conduct a risk assessment to identify and control the risks so far as is “reasonably practicable”. The government “expects” employers with over 50 workers to publish the results of these risk assessments online (via their website). It is important that you take these steps as regulators such as the HSE are now conducting spot checks to assess organisations’ compliance with COVID-secure measures. As part of the inspection, the regulator will want reassurance that you have conducted a COVID-19 risk assessment and communicated this to staff and may ask you to produce evidence to this effect. At Ellis Whittam, we have the knowledge and templates to help you to compile the necessary assessment so that you’re regulator-ready.

Will you conduct specific risk assessments for us?

There is nobody better placed than you to conduct a risk assessment. You are familiar with your workplace and the particular activities that go on within it. While we won’t conduct specific assessments for you, we can help you to construct them so that they are suitable a sufficient, and we can even train your staff to become risk assessors so that you have the necessary skills in house. We will, however, we conduct a thorough examination of your premises, practices and procedures at the beginning of your relationship with Ellis Whittam to help you identify and remedy any areas where you’re exposed.

How can the Health & Safety Software help with risk assessment?

Included as part of our core Health & Safety service, our award-winning Health & Safety Software will revolutionise your approach to auditing. Not only can you create your own assessments and checks, but you can monitor and control the actions identified in your General and Fire Risk Assessment, assign ownership to those responsible for actioning each task, and pull your data into one risk status indicator.

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We do more than just risk assessments...

Accident and Incident Investigation

An accident in the workplace is every employer’s worst nightmare. We can help to guide your investigation, advise on corrective action and protect your interests in the event of regulatory enforcement.

Can you help us prepare an accident investigation report?

Yes. This can be tricky to get right, especially as once you reach conclusions and set out the actions you have taken, the document is disclosable to the other side in the event of a personal injury claim or prosecution. We’ll help you stick to the facts, keep opinion separate, and make sure the report is presented in a way that protects your best interests and, most importantly, identifies the things that need to be put right to prevent reoccurrence.

We have been written to by the regulator regarding a health and safety incident. Can you help?

Yes. In the event of a serious accident or emergency, we will support your investigation and advise you on your communications with the enforcing authority. We will be there to help mitigate damage, guide you and support you. If you have received a letter from the regulator, we can help you to formulate a response until legal advice is required, in which case (if you have chosen to take it) our Legal Expenses Insurance is activated.

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Advice Line

Whether you’re facing an immediate crisis or just in need of an expert second opinion, get sensible, proportionate and practical advice at any time with our unlimited advice line support.

Who will I be advised by?

At Ellis Whittam, we’re big believers in a personal approach. That’s why we assign each of our clients a named consultant, with who will become your main point of contact for advice, guidance and support on all health and safety matters. If you take up our full Health & Safety service, your consultant will also be the one to conduct your health and safety audit and produce your policy and handbook. This means you’ll receive consistent advice from a dedicated expert who truly understands your organisation’s safety system, arrangements and goals.

What if my consultant isn’t available?

If, for whatever reason, your dedicated consultant isn’t available when you call, our office-based Helpdesk Team will be able to resolve most issues for you or direct you to the relevant guidance or template you need via our Knowledge Hub. If you have a particularly urgent or technical query, our Helpdesk Team can triage this to another expert within our team. Rest assured you’ll never be left without support.

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Audit and Inspection

From a policy that isn’t being executed properly to a procedure or risk assessment that’s out of date, we can conduct a thorough examination of your premises, practices and procedures to identify and remedy any areas where you’re exposed.

What form does the audit take?

There are a number of different models and templates for conducting health and safety audits. Most commonly, and the approach we adopt at Ellis Whittam, is what’s known as a General Risk Assessment (GRA). This is a systematic examination of your workplace to identify possible causes of harm, the likelihood and severity of that harm occurring given the safeguards already in place, and any further control measures needed to reduce risk to as low a level as is “reasonably practicable”.

Will you just provide a report of the issues identified?

No, we report on both compliant and non-compliant areas, and the report will provide clear solutions and recommendations to address particular areas of concern. Unlike some providers, we won’t insert default ‘corrective action required’ responses unless it is absolutely clear what you need to do; we edit to provide clarity. Plus, if you have any questions or concerns, your dedicated Health & Safety Consultant will be more than happy to assist.

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Become Your Competent Persons

We’re so confident in our ability to manage your compliance that we’ll even act as one of your legally-required competent persons, which all organisations must have access to by law in order to meet the requirements of health and safety legislation.

What is a competent person?

Put simply, a competent person helps an organisation to comply with health and safety law and take all reasonable steps to keep people from harm. This will be one or more persons who have the ability to recognise the health and safety risks associated with your organisation and identify sensible and proportionate solutions. The meaning of competent person can be found in Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. This states that “every employer shall, subject to paragraphs (6) and (7), appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in undertaking the measures he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon him by or under the relevant statutory provisions and by Part II of the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997.”

Why would I appoint somebody external to my business?

Will the individual you appoint as your in-house competent person be able to dedicate enough time to this responsibility? They might know your organisation inside and out, but do they have the necessary skills, knowledge and training to keep you compliant? Do they have a working understanding of health and safety legislation and how it applies to your organisation? Appointing an impartial person, external to your organisation, gives you access to technical expertise and the benefit of hands-on experience, and brings structure to the way you manage health and safety. We’ll help you to set up an effective safety management system, show you what good looks like, and give you clarity over what you need to be doing.

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An optional element of our fixed-fee Health & Safety support, our FCA-regulated Legal Expenses Insurance can cover against the commercial ramifications of a serious safety incident.

What types of courses are available?

Our ever-growing library of e-Learning courses currently covers over 100 topics, including HR courses such as Equality & Diversity, Sexual Harassment and Social Media Use; soft skills courses such as Communication, Leadership and Change Management; and compliance courses such GDPR, Anti-Money Laundering and the Bribery Act. We also offer an extensive range of Health & Safety courses, including Accident Reporting, Risk Assessment and First Aid. Download the full course brochure.

How much do the courses cost?

All of our e-Learning courses are free for the first year when you purchase our Employment Law & HR or Health & Safety managed service. This means you’re not paying per head or per course, which not only keeps down but gives you complete cost certainty over your training expenses. This is particularly handy if your workforce is growing, as you won’t need to purchase extra licenses, giving you exceptional value for money.

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Legal Expenses Insurance

An optional element of our fixed-fee Health & Safety support, our FCA-regulated Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) can cover against the commercial ramifications of a serious safety incident.

What happens if there’s an accident in our workplace? Is it likely we will be fined?

Most reportable accidents in the workplace are not followed up by the regulator, but if they do take an interest, you are more likely to be subject to some sort of enforcement action being taken. This may be an enforcement notice or Fee for Intervention (FFI) breach. Alternatively, it may be the start of criminal proceedings that end up in court, the cost of which can be significant.

Does LEI include legal representation?

Yes. If you choose to defend the claim, our LEI includes legal support right the way through a case, including barrister’s costs. Here, there will be a prospect of success assessment; the likelihood of an acquittal will need to be more than 50% in order to be covered by the LEI. However, if you’ve followed advice from your dedicated Ellis Whittam Health & Safety Consultant, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be covered in this situation. In reality, if we have identified an issue and you’ve taken the corrective action we recommended, you shouldn’t find yourself in this situation in the first place.

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MyH&S Software

Our innovative Health & Safety Management Software will revolutionise your approach to safety management by creating smart “to-do” lists, cutting out the admin and allowing you to monitor your compliance at a glance.

How can MyH&S help me?

Our MyH&S software can transform how you manage health and safety. By turning heavily-administrative, time-consuming tasks into automated processes, it will increase standards and efficiencies across your organisation and free up valuable time. By being able to monitor your compliance at a glance, you’re not left in the dark about how you’re performing and can quickly and proactively identify what action is needed, reducing the potential for an incident and giving you peace of mind. It can also be instrumental in demonstrating compliance to the regulator, increasing your chances of a stress-free inspection.

What exactly is a ‘risk status indicator’?

One of the main benefits of our Health & Safety Software is that you can see, at a glance, exactly how you’re performing and what needs to be done to maintain compliance. When you log in, you will immediately see your Current health status, which gives you visibility of all sites and their current RAG status for ‘Audit’, ‘Registry’, ‘Monitoring’ and ‘Risk assessments’, as well as Location monthly health status, which allows you to select a site and see the progression of the RAG status in any given time frame.

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Policy and Handbook

Whether you’ve got nothing in place or are in need of an expert review, our Health & Safety specialists can provide you with a policy and handbook tailored to your organisation, processes, activities and environment.

Who will the Health & Safety Policy be written by?

Your Ellis Whittam Health & Safety Policy will be written by an experienced Health & Safety Consultant with recognised qualifications and technical expertise. If you take up our core Health & Safety service, this person will become your dedicated consultant for all health and safety matters – meaning the advice you receive will be consistent and based on a genuine understanding of your business. Plus, for any questions or areas of your policy that require specific technical expertise, as well as support from your named consultant, you’ll be able to rely on a nationwide team of experts with vast and diverse specialisms and experience.

What sections will it include?

Your Health & Safety Policy will be based on the principle of plan, do, check, act. It will include a statement of commitment describing how the business is organised to fulfill its legal responsibilities (refined to reflect post holder titles), followed by an arrangements section covering all risk areas that are relevant to the business and how they will be managed (contractors, fire, first aid, machinery maintenance, lone working, etc.). For each, it will follow a format of “we recognise”, “we will” and “the approach we will take is…”. It will also cover the importance of risk assessment, monitoring and review.

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