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Want to ensure your organisation is compliant with HR best practice and latest employment law developments? Keen to understand your strengths and weaknesses, protect your organisation, and improve the efficiency of your HR system? Then you need an HR audit.

Policies, procedures, practices. Get a systematic health check of how you’re performing from a people management perspective and take your HR function to the next level with support from Ellis Whittam.

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Save time, become HR confident

An HR audit is an intensive exercise. If you don’t have the time or resources to undertake this task in house, we can assign seasoned HR Consultants to conduct a thorough, unbiased examination and evaluation that will provide confidence, clarity and reassurance.

  • Get a full MOT of where you are currently versus where you want and need to be from a highly-qualified HR specialist
  • Examine specific issues that are important to your organisation, such as recruitment and retention, performance management, and record-keeping and documentation
  • Diagnose issues and identify opportunities with a clear and comprehensive RAG report
  • Take positive action with pragmatic, best-practice recommendations and a programme of compliance
  • A great place to start if you’re considering ongoing Employment Law and HR support

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Transform your approach to people management

A meaningful HR audit can transform human resources management from a reactive, transactional business process to a strategic, proactive service that delivers value to your organisation. Have any contractual terms and conditions been recently updated? How many disciplinary or grievance issues have you had in the last year? Are managers trained in your policies and procedures? Our HR experts will ask all the right questions to identify any emerging problems or areas of exposure, then work with you to put things right.

Some of these issues may already be on your to-do list but need bringing to the forefront as a priority. Others may only be uncovered by experienced, independent professionals. Either way, support from Ellis Whittam can give you the information and momentum you need to focus your efforts and become a successful, sustainable organisation.

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Popular FAQs

Common queries about our HR audits, answered by the HR specialists that conduct them.

What areas will the HR audit look at?

Two main focuses of an audit are legal compliance and best practice. We can also tailor the audit to the HR areas that are important to your organisation, such as recruitment and retention, training and development, compensation and employee benefits, engagement and communication, performance management, discipline and grievance, equality and diversity, attendance management, and recordkeeping and documentation.

What sorts of issues might the HR audit uncover?

An HR audit can uncover any number of things, from process issues, such as a lack of performance management, to documentation failures, such as the organisation not carrying out right to work checks (or not evidencing that it has). Whatever gaps are identified, we will provide practical recommendations that can be implemented either by your internal team or with our support.

Why might I need an HR audit?

There are a number of reasons why you might need an HR audit. You might not know exactly what’s wrong but have a sense that something isn’t working as it should. It could be that your organisation or HR function has changed in some way, perhaps with new leadership, and you want reassurance that everything is present and correct. You might be concerned that you’re not keeping pace with case law changes and need an expert review to minimise exposure. Or you might be preparing for expansion and growth and looking to take your HR systems to the next level.
In all of these cases, an HR audit can give you a picture of how you’re performing and provide practical direction and peace of mind.

How long will the audit take?

A comprehensive audit will typically take three days – one day spent with you on site to examine your policies, procedures and practices and two days to produce the report.

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