Your go-to people management portal. Provided as part of our core service, MyEW gives you access to guidance notes, document templates and other online tools on top of unlimited Employment Law and HR advice.

Think of it as an online gateway to all different elements of our service: case history, document storage, legal information, absence management software and more, all under one roof.

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One of the many perks of being an Ellis Whittam client is our market-leading online resource, MyEW. Through this easy-to-use portal, you and your team can access our full suite of support at the click of a button – giving you all the tools you need to manage even the trickiest employee issues.

  • Self-serve with our vast online library of expert-created legal and HR materials
  • Refer back to conversations with your adviser and legal advice at any time
  • Access helpful articles, how-to webinars and our unrivalled Coronavirus Advice Hub
  • Replace filing cabinets of employee information and manage essential HR tasks easily with our HR Software
  • Store your essential HR documents, including your EW-created Contracts and Handbook, in one secure location
  • Get the most out of your EW support with an at-a-glance overview of our service elements

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Pragmatic advice supported by online HR solutions

No more trawling the internet. No uncertainty. With MyEW, you can download expert-created legal documents instantly and get the answers you need, fast. Whether it’s a step-by-step guidance note on conducting a disciplinary procedure or a template flexible working request form, get peace of mind knowing that you’re following best practice and acting within the confines of the law.

Still not fully confident? No problem. Our unlimited, fixed-fee service gives you access to a dedicated Employment Law solicitor for advice on all your employee-related obstacles. Talk through a matter, get support with drafting letters and documents, and refer back to recorded conversations and correspondence with your adviser through MyEW at any time.

Unrivalled expertise

We have 2.4 X the number of qualified solicitors than any of our larger competitors

Popular FAQs

Common queries about our market-leading client portal, answered by our Employment Law and HR specialists.

Does MyEW keep a record of the matters EW has helped with?

For Employment Law and HR, yes. Through MyEW, you can access a full case history saved against employee and case type, as well as any emails and attachments sent between you and your named advisers. You can also access attendance notes and call recordings of conversations with your team so that you can refer back to their advice whenever you need.

Can I use MyEW to store my important HR documents?

Yes, and we’ll even product these for you as part of our fixed-fee outsourced HR support. We can craft your contracts, provide you with a best-practice Employee Handbook and even draft all other employment-related letters and documents you require. You can access all of these on MyEW, as well as upload any other documents you want to store centrally and securely.

What sorts of issues can I find guides and templates on?

We have hundreds of guidance notes and accompanying templates covering a full spectrum of employment-related issues, including Maternity, Pay, Flexible Working, Holidays, Performance and Redundancy. All of these resources are created by our experts, and if you require further support or have any questions, you can contact your dedicated team of advisers for practical advice and guidance.

Who can access MyEW?

During onboarding, our Client Experience Team will work with you to set up agreed users within MyEW. There are different permission levels and we can restrict access to certain apps at a user level too. MyEW is primarily a management tool, but our HR Software (accessed via MyEW) is also aimed at employees. We’ve recently introduced a new feature in MyEW which allows the key decision maker / main contact to deactivate user accounts from their organisation, which means you’re in control of users’ access within your organisation.

Can we add users, and does this cost extra?

You can add as many users as you like. You can also manage applications for different people so that users can only view the applications that are relevant to them. There is no extra cost to add users; you will only need to pay extra for additional licenses (if you have multiple sites).

Is it secure?

MyEW uses Microsoft authentication and Gusite authentication, which means users can use their own credentials to access MyEW. We use the latest SSL encryption too, which means all communications between the user and MyEW are encrypted using TLS. Our connections to third parties are via Single Sign On (SSO).

What does the HR Software do?

There can be a great deal of administration involved in managing employees, and the burden only increases as your business grows. If filing cabinets of employee information is no longer cutting it, our HR Software will help to automate your processes, save valuable time and manage HR tasks at the touch of a button. Use it to store and organise employee data and essential documents; manage and report on holidays, absence, timesheets and rostering; stay on top of employee reviews; maintain a comprehensive employee directory, and keep a record of training and development.

What is the Coronavirus Advice Hub?

Our Coronavirus Advice Hub is an exclusive portal created by our Employment Law and Health & Safety experts to help employers manage the employment and safety-related challenges caused by COVID-19. It contains hundreds of regularly updated resources, including template risk assessments and checklists, topical guides and webinars, and FAQs on the latest government developments.

Explore our fixed-fee Employment Law support

We do more than just technology...

Advice Line

Fast, pragmatic, commercial. Our Employment Law and HR advice line gives you and your managers access to truly unlimited advice on all of your people-related challenges, from the seemingly straightforward to the most complex.

What sorts of things can you advise on?

HR matters come with the territory when you run a business or manage an organisation and we’re here to help you through it all. Whether you’re battling absenteeism, struggling to manage an underperforming employee or need help navigating a complicated exercise like redundancy, we can walk you through the steps required to handle the situation appropriately.

Is everything dealt with through one team?

Yes. All of our advisers are qualified legal professionals or on the road to formal qualification, which means a full range of employee issues can be dealt with within your dedicated three-person team. In the event that you’re presented with an Employment Tribunal claim, we will conduct a full handover to our Litigation Team so that they are well equipped to defend you.

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Contracts and Handbooks

Whether you have nothing in place or just need an expert review, our Employment Law specialists can carefully craft your employment contracts and employee handbooks to guarantee compliance and provide the flexibility you need as an employer.

What are the risks of not having the right contracts in place?

Failing to provide an employee with a contract could lead to additional compensation being awarded to an employee who successfully makes another sort of claim against their employer. In addition, a number of practical problems could be caused by having incorrect contracts, such as paying too little (or too much) notice, getting holiday entitlement wrong and failing to protect legitimate business interests in the face of an employee leaving for a competitor.

How often do HR policies need to be reviewed?

Whenever there are changes to UK employment legislation, such as the recent changes to bereavement leave or the Good Work Plan, it’s important to make sure your contracts, handbooks and policies are updated accordingly. We can take the pressure off by alerting you to any such changes and helping you to implement them in your documentation and practices.

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Drafting Letters and Documents

From the most straightforward warning for poor attendance to complex grievance outcome letters and everything in between, our Employment Law solicitors can draft all your employment documents to save you valuable time and stress.

What sorts of documents can you draft?

Just about anything and everything you might need during the employment relationship. All of our advisers are qualified legal professionals or on the road to formal qualification, which means we can support you with a full spectrum of advice and documentation, from first written warnings to new contractual clauses, to a policy you might not have in your handbook, plus more complex legal documents like settlement agreements and redundancy outcome letters.

I’ve got a HR team and just want templates we can use. Do you have a resources bank?

Yes, our fixed-fee Employment Law and HR support includes full access to our Knowledge Hub, available through MyEW, which contains most of the templates we work from. If you have an internal HR team, you may prefer to access these and tailor them yourselves. However, for more complex cases, we would always suggest engaging with our legal advisers as it can be all too easy to word something in a way that leaves you exposed.

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Tired of classroom training, or unable to take time out? Raise awareness of best-practice around workplace issues and prevent HR headaches with our flexible, cost-effective e-Learning courses.

What types of courses are available?

Our ever-growing library of e-Learning courses currently covers over 100 topics, including HR courses such as Equality & Diversity, Sexual Harassment and Social Media Use; soft skills courses such as Communication, Leadership and Change Management; and compliance courses such GDPR, Anti-Money Laundering and the Bribery Act. We also offer an extensive range of Health & Safety courses, including Accident Reporting, Risk Assessment and First Aid. Download the full course catalogue.

How much do the courses cost?

All of our e-Learning courses are free for the first year when you purchase our Employment Law and HR or Health & Safety managed service. This means you’re not paying per head or per course, which not only keeps down but gives you complete cost certainty over your training expenses. This is particularly handy if your workforce is growing, as you won’t need to purchase extra licenses, giving you exceptional value for money.

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Legal Expenses Insurance

An optional component of our Employment Law and HR support, by underpinning our advice with LEI, you have maximum reassurance that your business is protected against unfair dismissal and other costly employee claims.

I’ve never had a claim before – why would I need to take LEI?

For the same reason you take out any insurance policy – to guard against the high cost of defending an Employment Tribunal claim. The premium cost is very low compared to the potential payout, especially as it covers the cost of representation as well as any potential compensation. You don’t have to have LEI, but it could significantly impact your bottom line if something goes wrong, given that the cost of even the most basic unfair dismissal claim could be £20-25,000 when legal costs are factored in. Unfortunately, the latest Tribunal statistics suggest that employers now are more vulnerable than ever.

Can you deal with Employment Tribunal claims, or is this triaged outside of EW?

Should you receive a claim, your dedicated Employment Law adviser, who will have dealt with the matter up until that point, will conduct a full handover to our Litigation Team. They will explain the case history, share all the relevant documentation and offer their views on the prospects of the claim. Our Litigation Team will then take over all the prep work, including drafting a defence, producing bundles, dealing with Acas and the other side, and briefing counsel. Rest assured this is a smooth process, with everything kept inside EW, and you will be in safe hands throughout.

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Management Information

Discipline, performance, absenteeism. We’ll show you exactly where your dedicated Employment Law advisers are spending their time so that you can target key problem areas for more productive, high-performing teams. Recommended for large organisations with high case volumes.

What detail does the MI provide?

The report will highlight what sorts of issues we are advising on and who/where in your business those questions are coming from. That way, we can easily spot problem areas, bring them to your attention and recommend steps to address the issues.

What sorts of recommendations do you typically provide?

We will provide practical and pragmatic recommendations to address whatever common problems are arising. The exact nature will depend on the sort of issues but could include training of managers in certain areas or the production of additional guidance and documentation to guide them through tricky subjects.

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