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When seeking advice for Employment Law, you want to hear it from those who really know what they are talking about - the experts.

This is especially the case when dealing with complex workplace legal challenges.

Often, when you have an employment law issue you you are not sure of what to do, what the process is and to top it off, you simply don’t have the time to do it.

That is why you need to seek legal advice from Employment Law experts. Only they can guide you through the maze of Employment Law issues and ensure you attain your desired outcomes.

Ellis Whittam are the Employment Law experts and should be your employment law company of choice. We can help support you with employment law and HR challenges including:

  • Grievances
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Dismissal
  • Sickness absence
  • Performance management

Who are Ellis Whittam?

Our story began in 1994 when Mark Ellis qualified as a solicitor. Building a reputation for delivering commercially sound advice and being recommended by the both the UK Legal 500 and Chambers Guide, he founded Ellis Whittam in 2004. 

Since then, through our hard work and dedication, we have carved out a reputation for understanding our clients’ businesses and helping them reach their goals through unlimited, pragmatic and excellent advice. 

This is why we have become a leading Employment Law provider supporting over 17,000 clients across a number of different sectors, including care, education, charities, manufacturing, retail and local councils. We have also become the trusted partners of a number of professional bodies and institutes.

Organisations supported by Ellis Whittam

What makes Ellis Whittam Employment Law experts?​

With Ellis Whittam, our Employment Law experts are legally qualified and have a wealth of experience in handling all types of workplace legal issues.

They can:

  • Provide advice to all your enquiries
  • Draft your contracts of employment
  • Write a bespoke Employee Handbook
  • Compose any letters and any other relevant documentation going to your team.

All in all, they will be on hand to guide you step by step.

They will tailor their advice to your sector and ensure that you comply with the law and best practice.

speaking to an employment law expert

Why are Ellis Whittam the right choice for your Employment Law Experts?

We believe in the value of a personal approach. That’s why we assign a dedicated team of named Employment Law specialists who will get to know your organisation and how you operate.

That way, when you pick up the phone looking for employment law help, you’re speaking to someone who understands how you work and can provide the best possible advice on the issues you are facing – with no need for catching up and no time wasted.

By taking the time to get to know your business inside out, we’re able to truly understand your commercial objectives and work with you to achieve them.

Importantly, unlike some of our competitors, we use an entirely independent FCA-regulated insurer. This means, as totally transparent employment law company, we don’t have our bottom line at the back of our mind when we’re advising you; the decisions we make have only your interests and desired end result in mind.

Unlike a traditional solicitors firm, where you may pay an extortionate upfront cost and then additional fees for small tasks, we provide unlimited support on a fair, fixed-fee basis. This means that your costs remain the same no matter how much your business grows or how many times you need our support.

What’s more, our honest and open approach means that when you outsource your employment law to Ellis Whittam, there’s no hidden charges or automatic renewal clauses to worry about.


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For added peace of mind, our Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) for Employment Tribunals covers the cost of defence, settlements and awards in the event of an employee bringing a claim against you. Therefore, if you were to lose a discrimination claim, you could stand to save approximately £24,500 to £38,000.

"I believe that a contract with Ellis Whittam is the best possible use of company funds."
Managing Director, PVC Building Supplies

HR Management Software

If you’re looking for support to complement the expert employment law support, our HR Management Software makes managing employee information simple. 

Provided as part of our online portal, the software allows you to store employee data, lets you manage holidays and absences, can be used to record training and qualifications, and acts as a reporting tool for managers.

Ellis Whittam’s Employment Law experts are the right approach for you

An outsourced Employment Law service means that you:

  • Pay a fixed fee – No matter how much your company grows, your fees will remain the same
  • Receive quality advice – You will have named and dedicated Employment Law Advisers who can give you commercially sound and practical advice to solve your workplace issues.
  • Obtain bespoke drafting of letters and contracts – You can forget the templates, they will be drafted for you.

Whether you find you have limited HR support, are facing a complex issue or need a complete review of all your contracts and policies, we have an outsourcing solution for you. Contact us to find out how we can support you. 

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