Expert support from your Employment Law consultant

Expert support from your Employment Law consultant

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With fees now abolished and the number of claims skyrocketing, it has never been more important to ensure that employers are complying with their Employment Law duties.

Rather than have sleepless nights worrying about all the different worst scenarios, seeking clear, pragmatic and commercial sound advice from an Employment Law Consultant is the answer to all your legal nightmares.

What do Employment Law Consultants do?

Their functions vary from company to company, but their main responsibility is acting as an Employment Law specialist. They will help you with advice to ensure that you are complying with the law, meeting best practice and achieving your organisation’s goals.

They can assist you through all your day to day workplace challenges whether you are having difficulty managing numerous and complex grievances, or dealing with acts of gross misconduct, or trying to deal with underperforming employees.

Employment Law Consultants can also help you when dealing with organisational change, for example, when you are varying the terms and conditions of an employee’s contracts, carrying out redundancies or you are going through a restructure.   

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Why are Employment Law Consultants important to your organisation?  

There are three main reasons why Employment Law Consultants can add value to your organisation:

  1. They ensure you are compliant with the law

For any employer, navigating through the labyrinth of legislation and case law is tricky. But without expert support, it is practically mission impossible. Armed with the experience and knowledge of your Employment Law Consultant, you can make sure you are acting in accordance with the law and mitigating the risks of facing an Employment Tribunal claim.

  1. Employment Law Consultants save you money

With a fixed fee provider, you have peace of mind. This means you are sticking to your budget and no hidden costs will arise.

  1. They save you from wasting your time.

Dealing with complex employee issues can take up significant time and resource so outsourcing it to an Employment Consultant means you can stick to activities that build revenue and leave all the legal headaches to someone else.

What makes Ellis’s Whittam Employment Law experts stand out from the rest?

With over 40 Employment Law Advisers, our Employment Law Consultants:

  • Are your single point of contact for Employment Law advice
  • Draft bespoke contracts of employment and employee handbooks
  • Give commercial advice to get you the result you want

All this for a:

Contact us now to find out how we can support your organisation in all your HR and Employment Law needs.  

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