Staff Handbooks for Employers

Is it a legal requirement to have a staff handbook?

What kind of policies and procedures should I include?

How can I implement a staff handbook effectively?

These are just some of the questions Ellis Whittam receive regarding Staff Handbooks.

All employers want a happy, motivated and effective workforce to ensure high productivity and low staff turnover. To assist you with this, you need staff handbooks which contain workplace rules, standards and procedures. 


So what exactly are staff handbooks and why do I need them?

A good staff handbook clearly outlines the Disciplinary and Grievance Policies that your organisation operates. Here are 6 key reasons that you should introduce staff handbooks:


  • It sets out your expectations and the law.
  • It gives your managers the tools to deal with difficult situations.
  • It ensures consistency and fairness.
  • It improves staff productivity and efficiency.
  • It protects your organisation.
  • It helps with claims against your organisation.


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