Unveiling employees’ hidden skills

Unveiling employees’ hidden skills

When you hire someone, you will have extensively looked at their qualifications, skills and experience.

But does this mean you know everything about them? Probably not. Employers and recruiting managers tend to assess an applicant’s suitability for the role and focus on the areas set out in the job description, person specification and application form. This is rightly so, but it can result in many skills remaining undiscovered.

What are your employees’ hidden skills?

Do you know that one of your employees speaks four languages? Are you aware that another is a trained fitness instructor? Do you know that a few of your employees volunteer on a regular basis?

On the surface, you may think that these skills and interests are of little value, but you never know when being aware of these nuggets of information can actually be of great benefit to your organisation.

For example, if you trying to acquire a new client abroad, how great would it be to use an employee’s language skills to do some research? If you are trying to adopt a new employee health and wellbeing strategy, you could call on the employee with experience in providing exercise classes to help shape your approach. If you are looking to get more involved in local community projects, you can get some great ideas from those who volunteer.

How do you find out about these skills?

In interviews, employers can ask about their hobbies and interests outside of work. Even once employed, you can carry out questionnaires and surveys to find out a bit more about your employees or you may have a dedicated page on the intranet where employees can put their valuable skills down in writing.

Whatever approach you take, don’t let all employees’ skills go unnoticed – start taking note of what they have to offer beyond their role and your organisation will reap the rewards.

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