How to calculate holiday pay for workers on zero-hour contracts

Are you bashing your head against the wall trying to figure out entitlements for those on zero-hour contracts? If so, you’re not alone. Zero-hour workers won’t work the same amount of hours each week – in fact, some weeks they won’t work at all – which complicates matters when it comes to figuring out holiday […]

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What is garden leave?

Brexit may be dominating MPs time but the government has also been hard at work producing its Good Work Plan. This plan sets out its commitment to introducing a variety of legislative and policy changes affecting employers.  Background In July 2017, the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices was published. This government-commissioned review looked at […]

What rights do individuals on zero hour contracts have?

Do those on zero hours contracts have any employment law rights and protections? The answer is yes! Are they entitled to maternity leave? Do they have to be paid the National Minimum Wage? Do they need to receive redundancy pay? Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is not straightforward as an individual’s rights depend on […]

How do zero hours contracts work?

Employers and managers may have heard a lot about zero hours contracts. After all, their use by employers has been debated by MPs and splattered across the front page of newspapers. Love them or loathe them, they do occupy a place in the British workforce. The Labour Force Survey, which covers October to December 2016, […]

Guide for Employers | What are the pros & cons of zero hours contracts?

zero hour contract advantages and disadvantages

It’s rare for HR and employment law to hit the headlines. However, the spotlight has remained firmly on employers’ use of zero hours contracts in the last few years. Companies that have used them extensively in their business have been on the brunt of considerable criticism, workers have been very concerned about their job security […]

An employer’s guide to the Taylor Review

The eagerly-awaited Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices has now been published, touching on a wide range of areas of employment law. In this 116 page government-commission review, the following recommendations are made. Employment Status The review argues that the government should keep the distinction between employees, workers and self-employed, but it should rename the […]

Plan to curb zero hours contracts in social care

social care

The Welsh government has announced plans to restrict the use of zero hours contracts in the social care sector. The proposals are as follows: Workers who are on zero hours contracts should be given the option of a minimum hours contract after three months of service if there is a continuing demand for work. Providers […]

Employing university students

employing students

Many university students will have finished or be very close to finishing the academic year and be looking for some work over the summer months to earn some cash.  When employing university students, there are a few things you need to consider. Recruitment Most young people will use the internet and social media to search […]

McDonalds adds fixed contracts to menu

mcdonalds offer fixed term contracts

McDonalds will give its workers the option of moving from a zero hours contract to a fixed contract. The fast food restaurant giant has over 115,000 workers in the UK – most of which are on zero hours contracts. Workers raised some concerns after being denied access to certain financial products, such as loans, mobile […]

Agency workers – the forgotten faces

agency workers

Research from the think tank Resolution Foundation has highlighted that there are currently 865,000 agency workers – this number has increased by 30% in the last five years. If this rate of growth continues, it is estimated that there will be one million agency workers by 2020. Of late, zero hours contracts have dominated the […]