SECOND JOBS | What can employers do?

Having a ‘side hustle’ is becoming an increasingly popular move for employees. For most people who work a second job, it’s out of financial necessity. For some it’s about an opportunity to learn new skills. Whatever the reason, several important questions arise: Is there a conflict of interest? Will a second job have a negative […]

Guide | Key things to know when hiring students

hiring students

Thousands of students up and down the country will be finishing off their exams and waiting anxiously for their results to see if they got that desired spot at university.  To earn some extra cash, some will need to work alongside their studies and this provides employers with some great opportunities. Hiring students can provide […]

Huge leap in Employment Tribunal claims

tribunal fees

The latest statistics show that the number of single claims to Employment Tribunals has increased by a whopping 64%. Since the second quarter of 2014/15, the number of single claims has been ‘relatively stable’ with approximately 4,200 claims made per quarter. However, between July and September 2017, it rose to 7,042 claims. The increase in […]

What rights do individuals on zero hour contracts have?

Do those on zero hours contracts have any employment law rights and protections? The answer is yes! Are they entitled to maternity leave? Do they have to be paid the National Minimum Wage? Do they need to receive redundancy pay? Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is not straightforward as an individual’s rights depend on […]

How do zero hours contracts work?

Employers and managers may have heard a lot about zero hours contracts. After all, their use by employers has been debated by MPs and splattered across the front page of newspapers. Love them or loathe them, they do occupy a place in the British workforce. The Labour Force Survey, which covers October to December 2016, […]

Guide for Employers | What are the pros & cons of zero hours contracts?

zero hour contract advantages and disadvantages

It’s rare for HR and employment law to hit the headlines. However, the spotlight has remained firmly on employers’ use of zero hours contracts in the last few years. Companies that have used them extensively in their business have been on the brunt of considerable criticism, workers have been very concerned about their job security […]

Employing university students

employing students

Many university students will have finished or be very close to finishing the academic year and be looking for some work over the summer months to earn some cash.  When employing university students, there are a few things you need to consider. Recruitment Most young people will use the internet and social media to search […]

McDonalds adds fixed contracts to menu

mcdonalds offer fixed term contracts

McDonalds will give its workers the option of moving from a zero hours contract to a fixed contract. The fast food restaurant giant has over 115,000 workers in the UK – most of which are on zero hours contracts. Workers raised some concerns after being denied access to certain financial products, such as loans, mobile […]

All you need to know about zero hours contracts

Zero Hours Contracts

Zero hours contracts have been branded as controversial and prone to abuse with a number of employers receiving considerable flak for their use. In fact, these types of contracts can be lawful and beneficial to both employers and employees. What is a zero hours contract? A zero hours contract is a contract between an employer […]

New And Not Exclusive

As of 26th May 2015, the use of exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts is unlawful. In March 2015, the Coalition Government enacted the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, which contains provisions on zero hours contracts. The Act defines what a zero hours contract is, namely a contract to perform work or services […]