Parliamentary Group Reports on Working at Height

working at height

An All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has published an inquiry report calling for a review by government and industry of the risks associated with working at height. The report “Staying Alive: Preventing Serious Injury and Fatalities while Working at Height” shows more needs to be done to create a safer environment. In the period between 2013 […]

Working At Height

working at height

Falls in the workplace are the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of major injury. No surprise then that work at height should be one of the risks at the forefront of any employer’s mind when undertaking risk assessments of their workplace. Ellis Whittam’s Health & Safety specialists examine […]

Shelf fall racks up 90K fine


A meat producer has been prosecuted after an employee was injured adjusting storage racking. Workers had been instructed to reposition top shelves. In doing so they climbed up on to a lower crossbar which gave way underneath them. In falling one worker hit his head on the racking. On landing he was struck on the […]

Trailer company fined after cherry picker fall

cherry picker

A trailer firm has been fined after an employee suffered fatal head injuries. The worker was operating a scissor-lift working platform known as a ‘cherry picker’ when it was clipped by a lorry. The man was thrown from a height of 1.5 metres. The worker had been replacing signs at the firm’s entrance. He was […]

Electricity supplier fined £900k for worker death

electricity power lines

An electricity supplier has been fined £900,000 after safety law failings led to a worker’s death. The employee was up a ladder trimming plants away from power lines. It is believed he fell some 6 metres after accidentally cutting through his work positioning strap. The court heard that the plant clearing was not a short […]

Whirlpool fatality leads to £700k fine

Whirlpool fatality

It is vital that risks are identified before work is started. The latest high profile case of a company failing to do this involves Whirlpool UK Appliances and a fine of £700,000. A self-employed electrician was working at a height of five metres on a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) to install fire detection equipment. Unaware […]

Bosses jailed after Health & Safety cover up

Bosses sent to prison for Health & Safety cover up

Three company bosses have been jailed after trying to cover up their safety failings and suggesting a fall from height was a worker’s own fault.  The man had been working in wet and windy conditions on a shed roof without safety equipment. He died after slipping and falling from the structure. Obvious failings The court […]

Engineering firm fined £277k after leg crush

firm fined after worker crushes leg

An engineering firm with no procedures in place to identify unsafe work practices has been fined after a welder was injured working at height. The court was told the worker was welding large steel cages and that they were moved by overhead travelling cranes. When one of the cranes stopped working, the welder climbed several […]

Height of stupidity lands trio £400k fine

work on roof

The dangers of working on roofs are well known. Too many workers are killed or seriously injured in incidents involving working on roofs every year. The HSE stress that work at height requires adequate planning, organisation and communication between all parties. But it seems three companies never got the message as they’ve been fined almost […]

Warburtons fined £2m after worker breaks back


The importance of fully assessing the risks from working at height and acting to prevent injury has again been underlined after family-owned bakery Warburtons was fined £2million. The court heard a worker was cleaning a mixing machine when he lost his footing and fell some two metres. His back was broken in the fall. No […]