E-cigarettes in the Workplace


Smoking in enclosed public and work places has been illegal since July 2007. Since then, there has been a rise in the number of people using nicotine replacement products, in particular e-cigarettes, in order to try and give up tobacco. Currently, there is limited evidence on the effects of using e-cigarettes, or “vaping”. Public Health […]

e-cigarette Fire Warning


A national alert has been issued by UK fire services warning of the dangers of fires caused by exploding e-cigarette chargers. More than 100 fires have been blamed on the devices over the past two years, according to fire service figures. The Local Government Association (LGA), representing the 49 fire and rescue authorities in England […]

The Burning Issue


In recent years, electronic cigarettes or ‘e-cigarettes’ have increased hugely in popularity as an alternative to smoking or as a means of giving up smoking. E-cigarettes are to be licensed and regulated as an aid to quit smoking from 2016. Until this happens, e-cigarettes are only covered by general product safety legislation, meaning they can […]