Should employers be concerned by unpaid overtime shaming?

A recent analysis by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has revealed that UK workers put in more than £35 billion in unpaid overtime in 2019. On an individual level, this equates to more than 5 million workers doing an additional 7.6 hours’ unpaid overtime each week. Faced with these statistics, the TUC is calling for […]

Why are employers losing the battle against bullying?

With the government rocked by allegations of bullying against Home Secretary Priti Patel, employers are faced with a difficult question: are we overlooking similar behaviour in our workplace? More synonymous with school playgrounds, bullying at work is all too often disregarded. In actual fact, according to an illuminating report by CIPD, 15% of workers have […]

Musculoskeletal disorders | What are they and how can employers prevent them?

Work-related health statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveal that musculoskeletal disorders are the second highest cause of ill health in Great Britain. According to the HSE’s 2018/19 Labour Force Survey: 498,000 workers suffered from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (new or longstanding), out of a total of 1,354,000 work-related illnesses. That is to say […]

Dicing with disaster | Why near misses shouldn’t be overlooked

When you think of workplace safety, you probably think about accidents, injuries and fatalities. However, reporting and investigating near misses can be just as important as actual workplace accidents. You might be tempted to ignore near misses, but it’s vital that you don’t just brush them off. Just because it was a near miss this […]

Workplace transport safety | Haulier fined after worker injured by moving vehicle

Every year, over 5,000 accidents involve transport in the workplace. Main causes of injury are people falling off vehicles, or being crushed or struck by them. In fact, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) fatality figures for the five-year period 2014/15-2018/19 reveal that: Being struck by a moving vehicle accounted for 19% of all fatalities – […]

Secret Santa | 3 ways to keep gift-giving fun, without unwrapping HR issues

secret santa

Love it or hate it, Secret Santa is something many workplaces participate in in the lead up to Christmas, as an opportunity for team bonding and a little lighthearted relief. But for employers and HR professionals, the thought of trusting employees to strike the right balance between fun and thoughtful and just straight-up inappropriate can […]

Entanglement danger | Keeping workers safe with machinery

As industrialisation has progressed, so too has the use of efficiency-saving machinery. However, it’s important to think about safety when working with machines, as they are easily capable of causing injury or death. Get your FREE consultation A serious health and safety risk when operating machinery comes from entanglement with a rotating part, where material […]

Managing work-related stress | How employers can meet their duty of care

A stressed-out workforce doesn’t do anybody any good. In fact, work-related stress has significant consequences both for employees and employers. Workplace stress can affect employees’ health, morale, work rate, attendance and working relationships. In turn, this will likely impact your organisation’s productivity, staff turnover and reputation. Get your FREE consultation Facts and figures According to […]

RETAIL | Managing mobile phone use on the shop floor

Trying to limit the use of mobile phones in the workplace can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. And while most reasonable employers will want to exercise some degree of flexibility in how they treat their staff, employees reaching for their phones every five minutes can have a real impact on productivity. The real […]