Stress | What can an employer do?

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Did you know that 12.5 million working days were lost as a result of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17? This translates to an average of 23.8 days lost for each individual affected. In fact, in 2016/17 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 40% of all work-related ill health! 0 Working days lost as […]

Dealing with employees who don’t take holiday

There is a common assumption that employees take their full annual leave entitlement. However, numerous surveys over the years have shown that not all employees take their full holiday allowance. Why? Some are afraid that they will fall behind on their work commitments. Others are working hard to get a promotion and/or pay rise and […]

Counting the cost of stress in accountancy firms

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Most people wouldn’t consider accountancy to be a high risk job. After all, accountants don’t face the same dangers as a firefighter running into a burning building. But risk in the workplace comes in all shapes and sizes – it’s not always about physical hazards. Accountants have to deal with an intense and heavy workload […]

Top tips for managing stress in the workplace

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Here are our 6 top tips for dealing with stress in the workplace. 1  Identify the causes of stress in your workplace Do your work practices allow employees to take regular rest breaks and switch off after work? Have ex-employees attributed stress for the reason for leaving the business? Have there been a high number […]

How to identify workplace stress

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Stress is not a new problem, but only recently does it seem that it has reached employers’ consciousness. The impact of stress For employers, stress affects employee’s health, morale, productivity, performance, attendance and employment relations. This, in turn, can affect the business’s productivity, staff turnover and reputation. According to the latest Labour Force Survey: In […]

Doctor’s Orders: Take a Break

An employee goes to the doctor telling him he has work-related stress because he has to work 16 to 24 hours each day! The doctor signs him off work. When that sick note runs out, the employee goes back to the doctor, saying that he feels no better and he is again signed off work. […]