The dangers of tweeting for employers

Employees posting inappropriate social media messaging has implications for employers. Recent examples of misjudged posts by celebrities have demonstrated the importance of thinking before you tweet, and highlighted the implications for organisations. Last year, comedienne Roseanne Barr hit the headlines after she made a potentially offensive tweet in which she compared Barack Obama’s former aide […]

How employers are using social media to make recruitment decisions

social media and recruitment

In the early days of social media, the idea of an employer checking a potential employee’s Facebook page to assess their suitability for a role wasn’t something that many job seekers would have worried about. Users felt that their profiles were a place to express themselves unfiltered – and work was an entirely separate domain. […]

Social media #guideforemployers

social media and recruitment

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is sharing, liking, posting and tweeting every aspect of life. The popularity of social networking sites has created valuable commercial opportunities but they undoubtedly raise a number of issues for employers. Employers are often left grappling with employees harassing their colleagues on social networking websites, excessively using these platforms during […]

Dismissal for breaching social media policy

social media policy

The dismissal of an employee with 17 years of service after she made derogatory comments about her employer on social media may seem “harsh”, but it has been considered fair by an Employment Tribunal. The case of Plant v API Microelectronics Ltd is an important reminder of the significant value of having a social media […]

Rejecting candidates due to social media activity

rejecting candidates based on social media

The majority of decision makers in large companies admit they have checked job candidates’ social media profiles. According to a new YouGov Survey, photos and comments on social media websites are putting applicants’ chances of getting hired at risk. 28% of employers at large organisations acknowledged that they have rejected a job candidate at some […]

7 things employers must know about social media

social media webinar

Our research reveals that 80% of employers have concerns about how employees use social media. And in our opinion, rightly so. Social media usage affects all businesses, regardless of size or sector. Whether your employee is using social media at work or at home, your organisation can be exposed to numerous risks. Manage the risk […]

Can you screen job applicants using social media?

Screening using social media

A number of employers feel that social media can be a great way to research candidates, get more information than what is included in their CV and get a taste of someone’s personality and if they could be a good organisational fit. Applicants will be also looking through corporate social media profiles to get an […]