Guide | Should employers help employees quit smoking?

employees quit smoking

As of 2007, smoking is not permitted in any enclosed workplace, but often, you can see a group of people smoking a cigarette during a rest break outside the premises. We all know that smoking is bad for our health and can have long-term implications, such as lung cancer and respiratory diseases. But it can […]

Rest breaks for workers

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It is common that workers work through their rest breaks and do not complain about it. However, you may face legal action if you do not think about working time rules. The recent case of Grange v Abellio London Limited is a good example of this. In this case, the Employment Appeal Tribunal stated that […]

Smoking in the workplace

employees quit smoking

It is common for employers to allow workers breaks for a quick cigarette, but make sure you understand your legal obligations and have clear rules on smoking in the workplace.  What does the law say about smoking in the workplace? Since 2007, smoking has not permitted in any enclosed workplace. You have a number of […]

Health & Safety – All Change for employers

When it comes to health and safety legislation, it seems change is here to stay. Whatever way you look at it, the burden upon employers and business leaders to stay on top of the issues and raise standards is increasing. Below, we review some recent and impending important changes. If you are an EW client […]