Warehouse safety | 8 practical ways to reduce risk

Despite being dangerous places to work, warehouse businesses sometimes fail to manage risk properly. This is because they take a ‘general’ approach to warehouse safety. In reality, warehousing work creates numerous specific and unique health and safety hazards that need to be identified and properly managed in order to prevent harm. Get your FREE consultation […]

Fake news? | 5 common health and safety myths busted

Ever heard that health and safety law bans sandals in the office? Or that Christmas lights are no longer allowed in the workplace? Well, as Donald Trump would say, it’s fake news. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is often misquoted by the media to give the impression that workers can’t do […]

SCHOOLS | 8 ways to keep your classrooms health and safety compliant

Children flourish in a safe and secure learning environment – and this starts in the classroom. Pupils and teachers spend most of their day in the classroom, and while not inherently a high-risk environment, ensuring risk is properly assessed and managed is essential to fulfilling your duty of care.  But where do you start with […]

8 New Year’s health and safety resolutions your business should consider

With the start of a new decade comes the opportunity to start afresh, and many of us are busy reflecting on some positive changes we can make in the year ahead. Making healthier choices and quitting bad habits will feature high on many people’s lists. These are resolutions that apply not only in our personal […]

Why a focus on behavioural safety may prove more effective than physical controls

Every year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) produce work-related injury and ill-health statistics. While the long-term rates of injury and ill health show a general downward trend, incident numbers have been broadly flat in recent years. Get your FREE consultation The question is, why? In the war on workplace accidents, physical preventative weapons such […]

Rain, ice and snow | Practical tips for keeping staff safe during wintry weather

Slips, trips and falls account for almost a third of workplace injuries and, when cold winter temperatures plummet, the risk of these incidents soars. Even without snow and ice, falling leaves make paths slippery, and with little daylight, this can spell disaster. Get your FREE consultation If a slip, trip or fall occurs this winter, […]

Dicing with disaster | Why near misses shouldn’t be overlooked

When you think of workplace safety, you probably think about accidents, injuries and fatalities. However, reporting and investigating near misses can be just as important as actual workplace accidents. You might be tempted to ignore near misses, but it’s vital that you don’t just brush them off. Just because it was a near miss this […]