7-STEP GUIDE | How to fairly dismiss an employee who pulls frequent sickies

Occasional sickness is a normal part of life, and all employers will inevitably have to manage sickness absence at some time or another. That said, you may have experienced a situation where an employee seems to be sick far more than you’d expect of your average person. In these cases, you may have reason to […]

[4 min read] Employer tips | How to have a stress-free summer

summer challenges

We’re beginning to enjoy the start of the summer weather – but as an employer, you may be anxious about the chaos that this time of year can bring. Wedding season is approaching, there’s barbeques, parties and sporting events to keep us busy, and we’re all dusting off our suitcases for our next stint abroad. […]

ABSENCE | Managing sickness during the flu season

As we say goodbye to the summer, attention is now on common autumn and winter illnesses. These illnesses can be very disruptive as they cause absences and can leave employers scrambling to redistribute work amongst others in the team or finding last minute cover. The most obvious that springs to mind is the flu.   Considering how […]

Phased return to work after sickness

After a long period of illness or injury, medical advice may recommend a phased return to work. The aim of a phased return to work is to bridge sickness absence and normal working. It involves gradually building up to an employee’s usual hours and/or job duties over an agreed period of time.  Remember that if […]

Manufacturing | Accepting sick notes from abroad

sick leave return to work

Sickness absences are a headache for all employers. But if you have a diverse workforce some unexpected challenges arise. Imagine that an employee goes on holiday to their home country and informs you they have fallen ill. They provide you with a sick note issued from a doctor overseas. But can you accept sick notes […]

When annual leave and sickness coincide

remove cancel employee holiday

When on holiday, employees want to sit back and have a good time, but in some cases, annual leave and sickness can collide, leaving employers with a whole host of issues to deal with. Our Employment Law Advisers answer some of the most common questions they get asked by employers. What happens if an employee […]

HR INFO | Long-term sickness – 5 things to know

employee who is off sick

Where an employee is absent for an extended period of time, and it appears that they will be unlikely to return to work within a reasonable time frame, you may wish to dismiss them, but it is very important that you follow a fair procedure. The golden rule of dismissal is that it is not […]

Dealing with short-term absences in manufacturing

Machine Guard

Often employers feel helpless when dealing with employees’ frequent short-term absences, which have a significant disruptive effect on staffing levels and productivity. For manufacturing employers, it can mean you are scrambling to find appropriate cover at the last minute. You either have to dig deep into your pockets to hire an agency worker or place […]

Tackling sickness absences in the care sector

employee who is off sick

For all employers, absences are very disruptive. In some sectors, if someone calls in sick, the work can wait. However, in the care sector, the work never stops. Care providers can be left floundering to find suitable cover at short notice and be forced to dig deep into their stretched budget. Most of the time, […]

HR GUIDE | How can Employers manage Absenteeism and Presenteeism

The first Monday in February is known as ‘National Sickie Day’. This is because it’s normally the day that the highest number of workers call in sick, costing employers in wages, overtime and lost productivity. During the winter months, many of your employees will suffer from colds, coughs and flu. You may have those who […]