Jail faced after failed risk assessment

risk assessment

A businessman faces prosecution and jail after an investigation by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) discovered workplace risk had not been “appropriately” assessed. A worker had been hired by T&C Construction (SE) to move a metal shipping container at a builder’s yard. The yard had high-voltage power cables running over it. The worker was […]

University fined £400k after caffeine overdose

coffee beans

The importance of risk assessments and training has again been shown following a university’s prosecution after students were given killer caffeine levels. Two sports science students had been taking part in tests measuring the effect of caffeine on exercise. Unfortunately, poor training, instruction and supervision meant the boffins administering the test gave the wrong caffeine […]

Jaguar Land Rover fined £900k after crush

jaguar land rover

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has made another successful prosecution after safety failings resulted in factory workers being injured. The incident at carmaker Jaguar Land Rover resulted in a fine of £900,000. The court heard a car was driven to the start of a production line. While this normally happened 48 times an hour, […]

Crisp maker fined £330k over unguarded machine

potato crisps

Getting hands caught in unguarded machinery is one of the most common causes of injury in manufacturing. More than 10 food and drinks firms were prosecuted last year by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) after hands and arms were struck by machines. This year’s total has already begun in another incident that the HSE […]

Wilko fined £2.2m after failing to assess risk


Wilko, the budget high street retailer, has been fined more than £2 million for safety failings including not risk assessing the use of lift cages. The court was told an overloaded cage of paint pots weighing 35 stone toppled on top of a worker as she pulled it from a lift. The cage was not […]

Unguarded machine causes worker to lose arm


Around a dozen deaths and 40,000 injuries happen every year in easily preventable incidents involving unguarded machinery. In another needless statistic, an alloy processing plant has been given a hefty fine after an operative’s arm was caught in an exposed moving mechanism. Unguarded moving parts The court heard the worker was cleaning machinery when his […]

Worker avoids being “mashed”

A firm that supplies machinery for paper mills has been fined after a worker plunged several metres into a giant blender-like pulping machine. An investigation by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) found serious safety failings by Valmet Ltd which was also responsible for maintaining the machine. The maintenance worker was high up tightening bolts […]

H&S fine reduced for firm in administration

waste collapse

A waste recycling company in administration has been fined £80,000 after a worker was buried under collapsed waste.  The New Earth Solutions Group employee worked as an industrial cleaner at a rubbish site. He had been operating the company’s shredding machine when a 30ft high stockpile of refuse fell on top of him. He suffocated […]

On your guard, manufacturers

Machine Guard

Manufacturing activities are high risk. On average 22 workers are killed every year in manufacturing incidents. In 2015-16 that figure sharply increased to 27. Annually, around 70,000 workers in British manufacturing suffer a non-fatal work injury. More than 3,100 of the injuries are major and about 4,100 workers are off work for several days. Machine […]

Disney fine’s not Mickey Mouse money

Harrison Ford

A company producing the latest Star Wars movie has been fined a whopping £1.6m after Harrison Ford broke his leg. Foodles Production (UK) Ltd owned by Walt Disney admitted failing to protect workers from risk of injury. The star’s leg was crushed after being struck by a steel door on a set at Pinewood Studios. […]