H&S NEWS | Home closed after Health & Safety failing

care home

A court has suspended a care home’s licence on Health & Safety grounds. Concerns were first raised last August when the Care Inspectorate told owners of the East Renfrewshire home to make urgent changes. Issues raised included: the way medicine was kept and administered staff numbers and training residents’ care plans Inspectors ‘strongly’ welcomed the […]

Manufacturer fined after machinery incident

risk assessment

A metal firm has been fined after a steelworker suffered a serious hand injury. The company admitted breaking Health & Safety law in failing to protect workers from the dangers of using machinery. The employee who was wearing protective gloves had been feeding narrow steel rods through moving rollers. His hand was dragged into the […]

Ejection seat manufacturer fined £1.1m

An ejector seat maker has been heavily fined for a Health & Safety failing that resulted in the death of a Red Arrows pilot. The pilot fell hundreds of feet after unintentionally ejecting from his aircraft while carrying out pre-flight checks on the ground. The seat manufacturer had a duty to make sure pilots were […]

Fine for inadequate guarding

health and safety tips

As an employer, you have to make sure your workplace is free from preventable hazards. Machinery often poses hazards that can’t be removed but can be minimised. Guards are one way of minimising the risks from machine hazards. But any negligence showing a lack of effort on your part to minimise the hazards is unacceptable. […]

Foundry fined £21k after welder loses leg

A foundry has been fined £21,000 after a worker suffered severe injuries. The welder was working on a 2.5 tonne steel shaft bracket casting when a support gave way, resulting in his leg being crushed. A prosecution by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) alleged the foundry employer had not provided: a suitable and sufficient […]

Flawed risk assessment leads to uncontrolled fire

risk assessment

A chemical company has been fined over safety failures that led to a potentially deadly explosion. The firm was prosecuted after there was a 3am blaze involving loud explosions. The police declared it “a major incident”. The court heard heated ovens or “hot boxes” had been used to heat up sealed drums containing dangerous substances. […]

Firm fined £600k after worker is electrocuted


Before starting a job you must assess the significant hazards and risk of someone being harmed. A firm that failed to do just that has been heavily fined. A workman suffered severe burns after he struck an 11,000-volt underground cable with a power tool. The company responsible for managing the work had not identified the […]

Charitable trust fined after butler death

Burhgley house stamford lincolnshire england

A charitable trust responsible for maintaining a Tudor stately home has been fined after a butler was crushed to death by a faulty lift. The lift was suspended by a wire rope attached to a winch. A trapped piece of luggage had jammed the lift which made the rope slack. A court heard the Burghley […]

Estate agents fined £200k

househunter falls down well

A firm of estate agents has been fined after a househunter fell down a well in the garden of a home she had gone to see. A court heard how the potential buyer had been encouraged by the agent at the house to have a good look round. The househunter stepped off a garden path […]

£1m fine for DFS after worker injury

DFS fined £1m after worker is injured

There has been a dramatic rise in the size of Health & Safety fines in the last year and the latest case sees furniture giant DFS having to pay up £1m after a worker was injured. We recently reported how, since the introduction of last February’s Health & Safety Offences Sentencing Guidelines, fines have gone […]