RETAIL | Managing mobile phone use on the shop floor

Trying to limit the use of mobile phones in the workplace can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. And while most reasonable employers will want to exercise some degree of flexibility in how they treat their staff, employees reaching for their phones every five minutes can have a real impact on productivity. The real […]

Worker fatigue | The health and safety hazards of shift work

Over 3.5 million people or around 14% of the UK working population work shifts. Many industries, including hospitality, manufacturing and retail, rely heavily on shift work: work that is undertaken on a schedule outside of the traditional 9am to 5pm working day. However, poorly-designed or long shift patterns that fail to balance work demands with […]

Too hot to work? | Employees threaten to walk out over soaring temperatures

It’s hot. Possibly too hot. Workplaces everywhere are descending into sweaty chaos, and nobody’s quite sure what to do about it. Facebook is awash with people complaining about the temperature in their workplace, with one Facebook group going so far as to organise a mass walkout in protest. But what does the law say? Can […]

[4 min read] Employer tips | How to have a stress-free summer

summer challenges

We’re beginning to enjoy the start of the summer weather – but as an employer, you may be anxious about the chaos that this time of year can bring. Wedding season is approaching, there’s barbeques, parties and sporting events to keep us busy, and we’re all dusting off our suitcases for our next stint abroad. […]

RETAIL | 6 things you should know when employing young workers

zero hour contract advantages and disadvantages

After leaving full-time education, retail work is many young people’s first step into employment. With the right support, these young people may become your future area managers, national sales managers, product designers, or even CEO. Retailers need to be aware, however, that special employment rules apply when employing young workers – those above the compulsory […]

SKILLS GAP | Apprentices in manufacturing


With an ongoing skills gap in the manufacturing industry, we take a look at the issues manufacturers are facing with their workforce, and what the changing demographic of workers means for employers. What’s the situation? The world of manufacturing is changing. With new technologies dominating the scene, a wide range of new technical skills are […]

BLACK FRIDAY | Keeping employee productivity sky high

black friday

Employee productivity can plummet on Black Friday.   This year it falls on 23rd November 2018. With retail businesses fighting to provide customers with the best possible deals, employees may be thinking about the wonderful things they can buy and how much money they can save, rather than the work they should be doing.  The […]

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES | 6 ways to prevent burnout

how to identify stress burnout

Look around your office. Do you have any employees that are just running on empty? Do they look exhausted? Are they struggling to concentrate on tasks? Are they irritable? Do they feel detached from their job? If any of the answers to these questions is ‘yes’, the employee may be at the risk of burnout. […]

SECOND JOBS | What can employers do?

Having a ‘side hustle’ is becoming an increasingly popular move for employees. For most people who work a second job, it’s out of financial necessity. For some it’s about an opportunity to learn new skills. Whatever the reason, several important questions arise: Is there a conflict of interest? Will a second job have a negative […]