“I quit!” | Are ‘heat of the moment’ resignations binding?

There are times in life when emotions take over and we say things we later regret. But if an employee impulsively resigns in the heat of the moment, should employers take this as read? These situations can be difficult for all involved, and while some employers will allow a disgruntled member of staff time to […]

Detached, exhausted and dreading work | Tackling the phenomenon of employee burnout

Ever witnessed a normally enthusiastic, hardworking employee start to become irritable and disengaged? If so, they may be exhibiting signs of burnout – and it’s more common than you might think. Described by the World Health Organisation as an “occupational phenomenon”, burnout refers to a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion caused by prolonged […]

Pushed out the door? | What employers need to know about constructive dismissal

constructive dismissal

Not all dismissals involve an employer giving an employee their marching orders. In some cases, an act or acts committed by the employer creates such a hostile working environment that it makes it impossible for the relationship to continue. Get your FREE consultation In situations where an employee is effectively forced out, their resignation is […]

What happens if an employee resigns during the disciplinary process?

If an employee is midway through a disciplinary process and suspects that dismissal is imminent, they may feel that resigning is their only option to save face and maintain their reputation. Whether it’s better to quit than be fired is open to debate. However, if reputation is the employee’s primary concern, leaving on their own […]

“I quit!” What to do when a key employee resigns

employee resignation

2018 saw lots of high profile resignations. Theresa May’s government saw 19 of these, with Dominic Raab, Boris Johnson and David Davis topping the list. It can be a huge shock if one of your key employees unexpectedly resigns. There will no doubt be two huge costs to consider; Firstly, the monetary cost of recruiting […]

JOB DESCRIPTIONS | Don’t let them be your downfall

job descriptions

When someone resigns, it can be a great disappointment. But it’s even more disappointing when the employee leaves after only a few weeks or months. In many cases, employees leave because they feel that the job isn’t what they thought it would be. How often do you hear that in an interview? And it’s more […]

STRESS IN EDUCATION | What can be done?

teaching education support

Teachers have taken 1.3 million days off as a result of stress and poor mental health in the last four years. It is yet another reminder of the immense pressure facing those in the teaching profession. 0 Million Days off as a result of stress and poor mental health Stress in teaching With reportedly overwhelming […]

RESIGNATION | Has your employee really quit?

resignation during the disciplinary process

The end of the employment relationship can be messy and disputes over ambiguous resignations commonly arise. In cases where, for example, an employee has just stormed out in the thick of an argument or a tense workplace situation, it can be difficult for employers to determine whether an employee has genuinely resigned or not.  A […]

HR GUIDE | What to do when an employee walks out

What do employers do if an employee gives you their letter of resignation and doesn’t come into work the next day? From an employer’s perspective, there are many considerations, risks and costs to consider when deciding the best course of action.   Notice If an employee resigns, they need to provide notice to you.  For employees, […]

Supporting employees’ return from maternity leave

breastfeeding at work maternity leave

When new mums come back to the workplace, it can often be a daunting experience. It is common for some mothers to feel guilty about leaving their child after maternity leave. They may be anxious about all the changes that have happened in the workplace in the past 12 months and apprehensive about slotting back […]