Can you withdraw the job offer?

withdrawing a job offer

COVID-19 advice Looking for practical advice on withdrawing a job offer due to the coronavirus pandemic and other common employment scenarios? Visit our free Coronavirus Advice Hub for answers. Take me to the Hub You just finished interviewing and you’re convinced you’ve found the perfect candidate. However, after you post the offer, new information comes […]

TUPE transfer revelation | Do the regulations apply to workers as well as employees?

With ‘employment’ literally in the title, it has long been understood that the TUPE regulations exist to protect employees when a company changes hands. However, in a potentially groundbreaking decision, an Employment Tribunal has now ruled that workers fall under the definition of employee for the purposes of TUPE. Get your FREE consultation As a […]

What happens if an employee resigns during the disciplinary process?

If an employee is midway through a disciplinary process and suspects that dismissal is imminent, they may feel that resigning is their only option to save face and maintain their reputation. Whether it’s better to quit than be fired is open to debate. However, if reputation is the employee’s primary concern, leaving on their own […]

Keeping Children Safe in Education | New guidance for 2019

The government has now released a draft of the statutory guidance that all schools will be required to follow from September 2019. Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) is the main document setting out schools’ obligations around safeguarding children and safer recruitment and is updated almost every year. Some of the changes for 2019 include: […]

Pre-employment checks What an employer needs to know

pre employment checks

No matter how rigorous the interview process, you can never really know how a prospective employee will work out. They may have dazzled you throughout the recruitment stage, but can they impress you in the long run? Of course, you want to make the most informed recruitment decision possible. Therefore, you may offer an individual […]

How employers are using social media to make recruitment decisions

social media and recruitment

In the early days of social media, the idea of an employer checking a potential employee’s Facebook page to assess their suitability for a role wasn’t something that many job seekers would have worried about. Users felt that their profiles were a place to express themselves unfiltered – and work was an entirely separate domain. […]

Rewinding 2018 | Employment Law cases

court cases

2018 has seen some important judgments being handed in tribunals and courts. Ellis Whittam runs through five important employment law cases which have had implications for employers. 1. Employment Status In light of the emergence of the gig economy, we have seen a series of decisions made by Employment Tribunals about whether an individual is […]

HR GUIDE | What to do when an employee walks out

What do employers do if an employee gives you their letter of resignation and doesn’t come into work the next day? From an employer’s perspective, there are many considerations, risks and costs to consider when deciding the best course of action.   Notice If an employee resigns, they need to provide notice to you.  For employees, […]

EMPLOYER’S GUIDE | Health and Disability in recruitment

speaking to a HR expert

The Equality Act is very strict on what health or disability questions employers can ask during the recruitment process. As a general principle, it is not permissible for an employer to ask a job applicant any questions about their health or disability until they have been offered a job. However, in very specific circumstances, you […]

Guide | 5 mistakes an employer must avoid to prevent religious discrimination

indirect discrimination

Under the Equality Act, employees are protected from discrimination because of religion or belief. To avoid landing in hot water with religious discrimination, employers need to avoid making any of the following mistakes: Thinking employees with no religious faith are not protected Under the Equality Act, employees are protected from discrimination whether they have a […]