Sickness Absence | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can employer terminate employment for sick absence? While occasional sickness absence is normal, you may have noticed that a particular employee seems to be sick far more than you’d expect of your average person. In these situations, you should refer to your sickness absence policy, which should set benchmarks, known as trigger points, for […]

Court rules disability must be established at the time of “discriminatory” acts

Mental health conditions can be debilitating, impacting all aspects of a person’s life, including their ability to work. For employers, dealing with the operational consequences can be difficult, and if the employee’s condition qualifies as a disability, there’s also potential for legal action. In 2019, the average award for disability discrimination was £28,371 – higher […]

7-STEP GUIDE | How to fairly dismiss an employee who pulls frequent sickies

Occasional sickness is a normal part of life, and all employers will inevitably have to manage sickness absence at some time or another. That said, you may have experienced a situation where an employee seems to be sick far more than you’d expect of your average person. In these cases, you may have reason to […]

6-STEP GUIDE | How to expertly handle workplace grievances

When an employee raises a grievance against a colleague, it’s in an employer’s best interest to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. After all, minimising disruption to your workforce is key to achieving your long-term goals and maintaining long-term success. Understanding how to adeptly navigate the grievance procedure is crucial to maintaining positive working relationships, […]

Harassment? | Teacher with dyspraxia dismissed over poor handwriting

There have been a number of cases recently concerning disability claims from teachers. As an employer, it’s important to not discriminate against disabled employees and to make reasonable adjustments to allow them to carry out their role effectively. But what should employers do when an employee’s disability is clearly impacting their ability to carry out […]

Why ignoring mental health is bad for business (and what you can do about it)

mental health training

You probably already know the statistic: one in four of us will experience poor mental health at some stage in our lives. Even now, with a more open dialogue around the subject, the full impact of mental health is commonly underestimated. We often think about mental health as a purely individual struggle; however, beyond this, […]

Pre-employment checks What an employer needs to know

pre employment checks

No matter how rigorous the interview process, you can never really know how a prospective employee will work out. They may have dazzled you throughout the recruitment stage, but can they impress you in the long run? Of course, you want to make the most informed recruitment decision possible. Therefore, you may offer an individual […]

EDUCATION | Interview questions to avoid asking potential employees

disciplinary school

There are few sectors where a rigorous recruitment process matters more than in education. With overall pupil numbers projected to rise by 5% between 2018 and 2024, it’s more important than ever for employers in the education sector to really refine their interview technique. When screening potential teaching staff, you want to make sure that […]

Rewinding 2018 | Employment Law cases

court cases

2018 has seen some important judgments being handed in tribunals and courts. Ellis Whittam runs through five important employment law cases which have had implications for employers. 1. Employment Status In light of the emergence of the gig economy, we have seen a series of decisions made by Employment Tribunals about whether an individual is […]