PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT | Are you demotivating your employees?

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According to Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), one in ten employers believed their performance management processes were demotivating their employees. When an employee receives praise, feedback and constructive criticism, they are likely to be more motivated about their work.  This is especially the case when they feel that their managers are helping them in the pursuit […]

RETAIL | How much do “reasonable adjustments” cost?

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Earlier this year, the Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, Sarah Newton called on retailers to acknowledge the advantages of hiring disabled workers.   With approximately 123,000 vacancies in the retail and wholesale sector, disabled workers can help fill these positions. However, there is a widespread misconception that when taking on disabled employees, you […]

Phased return to work after sickness

After a long period of illness or injury, medical advice may recommend a phased return to work. The aim of a phased return to work is to bridge sickness absence and normal working. It involves gradually building up to an employee’s usual hours and/or job duties over an agreed period of time.  Remember that if […]

HR Guide | Supporting employees with dyslexia

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What do employers do if an employee informs them they are dyslexic? Despite that the fact that the NHS reckons that up to 1 in every 10 to 20 people in the UK has some degree of dyslexia, some employers seem to be in the dark about what this condition entails and how it affects […]

Employer’s guide to allergies at work

At this time of year, allergies, such as hay fever, can flare up. Allergies can be one of the reasons why an employee’s productivity goes down and why they are absent from work, so it is useful for all employers to think about what you can do to accommodate allergic employees in the workplace. This […]

Hasty hiring leads to costly mistakes

We all want to do things as quickly as possible, but there are things that are worth taking your time over. If you rush through a recruitment process, it can be a costly mistake. Hiring the wrong person for a role zaps time, resources and money. Here are some of the most common mistakes employers […]

£75,000 compensation for reasonable adjustments mess up

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An employee has been awarded nearly £75,300 in compensation after their employer failed to make reasonable adjustments. As this employer found out, making mistakes when dealing with reasonable adjustments can mean you end up with some very costly consequences! The law There is a legal duty under the Equality Act to make reasonable adjustments for […]

Reasonable adjustments in the workplace

reasonable adjustments in the workplace

Are you familiar with the term ‘reasonable adjustments’? If not, it’s time to get well acquainted with the topic to avoid running the risk of disability discrimination claims at an Employment Tribunal. And if you already have some knowledge, there are still many opportunities to get caught out even if your intentions are good. What […]

Dressed not to be killed


You would think anyone in their right mind would gladly wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when performing dangerous tasks. However, plenty of workers don’t. They put themselves at risk of injury or death and their employers at risk of prosecution. We all know that PPE can be an effective last line of protection. But how […]

Job applicant wins indirect discrimination case

indirect discrimination

Employers may need to rethink their recruitment process for those job applicants with a disability after a recent ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). In Government Legal Service v Brookes, the EAT upheld the decision of the Employment Tribunal, concluding that a job applicant with Asperger’s syndrome suffered indirect discrimination as a result orequired […]