Unsafe machinery lands manufacturer in court  

magistrates court

Workers having body parts slashed, crushed and fractured… doesn’t this bring to mind images of a Victorian workhouse? Tragically, such injuries are very much part of modern day working. In fact, workers suffer 40,000 such injuries every year including a dozen or so deaths. And the cause? Well, Sheffield Magistrates’ Court recently heard in an […]

Crisp maker fined £330k over unguarded machine

potato crisps

Getting hands caught in unguarded machinery is one of the most common causes of injury in manufacturing. More than 10 food and drinks firms were prosecuted last year by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) after hands and arms were struck by machines. This year’s total has already begun in another incident that the HSE […]

On your guard, manufacturers

Machine Guard

Manufacturing activities are high risk. On average 22 workers are killed every year in manufacturing incidents. In 2015-16 that figure sharply increased to 27. Annually, around 70,000 workers in British manufacturing suffer a non-fatal work injury. More than 3,100 of the injuries are major and about 4,100 workers are off work for several days. Machine […]