Advice for Outside Winter Working

outside working when cold

When the weather turns colder, employees who work inside can turn up the AC or put on extra clothing. However, for those who work outside, the change of season brings extra hazards that employers need to be aware of. The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 and accompanying Approved Code of Practice set out […]

UNIFORMS | Should employers pick up the bill?

Do you expect your team to wear a uniform? As long as the organisation’s rules on dress code are reasonable and non-discriminatory, employers have a fair degree of leeway to decide what employers must wear to work. There are many reasons a uniform is suitable for your organisation. These can be: Creating an appropriate corporate […]

Dressed not to be killed


You would think anyone in their right mind would gladly wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when performing dangerous tasks. However, plenty of workers don’t. They put themselves at risk of injury or death and their employers at risk of prosecution. We all know that PPE can be an effective last line of protection. But how […]

Large fine after incorrect PPE provided

PPE warning

Firms are being asked to learn from an incident in which an engineering company was fined £150,000 after two workers suffered chemical burns. Workers were cleaning a pipework system with a hose containing sodium hydroxide granules. The court was told a chemical reaction meant pressure built within the hose causing it to disconnect and spray […]

White’s in as yellow’s old hat

Colour coded hard hats

Industry chiefs aim to replace traditional yellow “Bob the Builder” hard hats under a new colour-coded hard hat scheme. Worn with a hi vis jacket and big boots, a yellow hard hat was the must-have fashion accessory on any construction site. In fact, hard hats have been compulsory on Britain’s building sites since 1990. However, […]

Personal Protective Equipment

Often referred to as the last line of defence, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has an important role to play in protecting employees from workplace injury and ill health. Yet every year we hear about accidents in the workplace that could have been prevented or mitigated by the wearing of effective PPE. This month’s article outlines […]