Electric vehicles: A silent danger for employers?

The debate over global warming and pressure to tackle climate change is intensifying. Electric vehicles (EVs) allow a move away from fossil fuels and offer an ecological solution to the problem of traffic pollution. Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s green planning includes a budget pledge to spend £400m on charging points for EVs. Have you considered, though, […]

HEALTH & SAFETY | The Challenge for Retail Owners

Owners and managers of small and medium retail companies have to juggle multiple functions and responsibilities, and often overlook Health & Safety regulations. But workplace Health & Safety should be a top priority. After all, safeguarding people from risk of injury is a legal duty – as a retailer, you have to protect everyone in […]

Something In The Air

Every Breath We Take: The Lifelong Impact of Air Pollution

There’s a changing attitude toward pollution. How can you play your part? In February 2016 the Royal College of Physicians released a report called Every Breath We Take: The Lifelong Impact of Air Pollution. The report’s findings indicate that in the UK air pollution is responsible for around 40,000 deaths each year. This is from […]