The dangers of treating maternity-related sickness absence like other illness

When it comes to employment law, it’s typically advised that treating everybody the same is the best way to avoid claims. However, in relation to sickness absence, this notion can actually lead employers down the wrong path and into dangerous territory. In reality, not all sickness absence is equal in the eyes of the law, […]

Tribunal claim numbers up 23% year on year

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Last week, the government released the latest set of Tribunal statistics for the period October to December 2018. And the Employment Tribunal figures from the Ministry of Justice make for stark reading for employers. In this guest blog, James Tamm, Director of Legal Services at Ellis Whittam, discusses the latest Employment Tribunal statistics and the implications this […]

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT | Are you demotivating your employees?

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According to Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), one in ten employers believed their performance management processes were demotivating their employees. When an employee receives praise, feedback and constructive criticism, they are likely to be more motivated about their work.  This is especially the case when they feel that their managers are helping them in the pursuit […]

STRESS IN EDUCATION | What can be done?

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Teachers have taken 1.3 million days off as a result of stress and poor mental health in the last four years. It is yet another reminder of the immense pressure facing those in the teaching profession. 0 Million Days off as a result of stress and poor mental health Stress in teaching With reportedly overwhelming […]

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT | Giving Employees warnings

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Few things can be more exasperating for employers than dealing with persistently poor performance. It can seem like an uphill battle to get some employees up to the required standard.  But employers should avoid falling in the trap of getting so frustrated they snap and dismiss an employee without having regard to the correct procedure. […]


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Entrepreneur and business magnate Richard Branson famously said that ‘If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.’ Whether it is that easy is debatable, but he makes the valid point – employers can reap the rewards of looking after their employees. This doesn’t just mean giving them a good […]

Why are employers turning a blind eye to poor performance?

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Employees don’t normally just fall into the categories of good performers and bad performers. Some employees are leaders. Others are happy to let others take the lead and work hard to achieve the goals set. Some are happy to coast along and do only what is necessary. There may also be a handful of employees […]

The importance of employee objectives

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Performance management is much more than just an annual review. To get the very best out of your employees, it is important for all employers to carry out an ongoing process of monitoring and regularly assessing performance. A vital component to performance management is setting each and every employee some objectives. When setting objectives, you […]

Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers

For healthcare providers, having clear standards of behaviour is absolutely essential to delivering safe and high-quality care. However, for those whose operations transcend borders, there are different, albeit very similar, Codes of Practice for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. What Codes of Practice are in place? In England, there is a Code of Conduct […]